Vintage LED Light Globe - ST64 - 6W Screw-Smoked

VINTAGE LED Product Code : RSEEV2VGL0471-E-S
Vintage LED Light Globe - ST64 - 6W Screw-Smoked
VINTAGE LED Product Code : RSEEV2VGL0471-E-S
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In 1879, Thomas Edison invented the first commercially practical incandescent light bulb made from carbon filament. Since then we have seen Tungsten, Neon and Fluorescent lighting come and go with the latest technology producing LED lighting. As with any fashion fad or interior craze, the trend cycle continues and has come to an abrupt halt surrounding Vintage style lighting fixtures.

For the past couple of years, carbon filament vintage lights have made a come back, doubling electricity bills and producing masses of damaging carbon emissions. Finally a much needed combination of vintage looking light bulbs incorporating LED technology has arrived, enabling everyone to achieve that vintage old-school look whilst cutting electricity costs and saving the environment.

VintageLED is all about producing lighting solutions that exhibit a converted retro look whilst reeping all the benefits of LED technology. LED lighting is low cost to run, lasts a lifetime without needing replacement and is a much safer alternative in your home in regards to heat and fire risk.

Colour Warmth

Like all LED lights, VintageLED lights are measured in Kelvins. Kelvins measure the temperature or colour of your light NOT the brightness. Daylight reaches between 4000-6000 Kelvins. Most carbon filament vintage globes produce around 2700Kelvins. When trying to achieve that vintage, ambient tungsten glow, VintageLED lights are the warmest on the market measuring as low as 2200 Kelvins. Coming in a range of clear or smoked glass with the ability to be dimmed, VintageLED lights are the most versatile vintage globes on the market.

A Green Alternative

The difference between VintageLED products and similar looking counterparts is that VintageLED globes are built with the latest LED technology that enable you to get that same vintage look without the power consumption and resulting carbon emissions!

Did you know that switching to LED could save up to 80% off your electricity bill! If that’s not enough evidence to convince you to switch to LED, imagine how many halogen light bulbs you would need to change over the next 20 years during the lifetime of a single LED globe.

Lasting longer and using 80% less energy than halogen globes, LED light contains no mercury unlike their halogen counterparts. Consequently, there are no escaping remnants of mercury that seep into our water supply and have adverse effect on both our drinking water and our sea life.

Safety First

VintageLED lights not only burn brighter than halogen globes but they do so at very low temperatures (<30°C) meaning that after hours of burning, they are still safe to touch. This makes them a fire-safe alternative to halogen globes, which can reach temperatures of up to 500°C in your roof space causing serious fire risk. 

The effect that halogen globes have on heating up a room will also contribute to your cooling costs, again having a negative effect on your electricity bill and the environment. 

Key Features:

  • Traditional Vintage looking Edison Light Bulb

  • The latest LED technology 

  • Low cost to run

  • Last a lifetime (10,000 hours)

  • Safe to touch, reaching temperatures of <30°

  • Comes in clear or smoked glass

  • Dimmable

  • 2 Years Warranty


Height 170mm
Diametre 125mm
Watts 6W
Colour Warm - 2200Kelvins
Fitting Standard E27 Screw or B22 Bayonet
Glass Clear or Smokey
Lamp Luminous Flux (lm) 480
CRI 82
Warrenty 2 Years
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