Ultra Premium In-Wall High Speed HDMI Home Theatre Cable - 5m

DIGIHAUS Product Code : RSEEC1HDC0129

This is a high speed HDMI cable - the highest quality standard available. It supports all the latest true HD devices and 3D TV, future-proofing your house. It also brings all your audio, video, and data cables into one single neat cable, while its highly-durable insulation design makes it perfect for discreet in-wall installations.

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Ultra Premium In-Wall High Speed HDMI Home Theatre Cable - 5m
DIGIHAUS Product Code : RSEEC1HDC0129
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High-Speed 5-Metre HDMI Home Theatre Cable

This HDMI cable is the highest quality you can buy, and it is built to last. Unlike many HDMI cables, its thick insulation is designed to be durable enough for in-wall installation, which makes it perfect for home theatre and projector set-ups. It's the ultimate choice for superior digital audio and video signal transfers. Do not leave it to your electrician to source your cables at their local supplier—this is the best quality and price per metre you will get.

Future-Proof HDMI Cable with Ethernet - 4K/Ultra HD Compatible

This HDMI cable from Digihaus is High Speed with Ethernet, providing much higher performance than the Standard/Category 1 HDMI cables that will not work properly with today's new generation of TVs.

This Ultra Premium In-Wall High Speed HDMI Cable was introduced with 4K (Ultra HD and Blu-ray definition) in mind, and is also capable of supporting 3D TVs, Internet TVs, smart TVs, and the latest digital sound systems and HD game consoles. All you need to know is that it is the best you can buy and you will be as future-proofed as possible. Plus, our HDMI connectors are 24k gold plated to ensure the highest quality data transfer.

Key Features

  • FUTURE PROOF - Supports all the latest video and audio systems and HD game consoles
  • DATA-READY - Includes ethernet channel support, meaning you do not need an additional data cable for your Internet, smart TV, or compatible game console; plus, it’s 24K gold plated to ensure the highest quality data transfer
  • VIVID QUALITY - Supports 3D TV, 1080p (full HD), and 4K (ultra HD and Blu-ray definition). You will get highly accurate and vivid pictures—great for movies and family photos!
  • THICK INSULATION - Durable, perfect for in-wall home theatre and projector installation
  • ALL-IN-ONE - Have you noticed how many cables there are behind a TV cabinet these days? In the latest compatible devices, this cable does audio (from and to TV), video, and data—requiring a lot fewer cables! This saves you on installation costs.
  • SAFER AND CLUTTER-FREE - It takes all the work used to be done by multiple cables, giving you a cleaner and safer way to arrange your wires. Multiple wires can get easily tangled and may become a fire hazard in extreme cases, so the simpler your wiring set-ups are, the better.

DIGIHAUS - Perfecting home entertainment

Digihaus excels in providing quality and top-rated digital cables and accessories for your home entertainment systems. Their innovative products are made from premium grade materials that are made to last. By getting Digihaus home theatre cables and accessories, you are assured to have an enhanced entertainment value in the comforts of your home.


5 year manufacturer warranty against manufacturing faults. Conditions apply - see product documentation and Returns and Warranties Policy.

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