Toughened 90cm x 75cm Black Glass Kitchen Splashback

Salvatore Angelotti Product Code : SERR-800207-0627

This classic black glass splashback adds a practical solution to your kitchen. Made from safety glass, this splashback will definitely create a neat, sophisticated vibe to your kitchen without breaking your budget. Easy to install and can be fixed to any non-porous, dust and grease-free surface.

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Toughened 90cm x 75cm Black Glass Kitchen Splashback
Salvatore Angelotti Product Code : SERR-800207-0627
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Modern and Clean Kitchen Walls

Keep your kitchen walls easier to clean with a glass splashback! Not only would it prevent hard oil and moisture build up on walls near your stove, but it will also create a modern and more sophisticated look for your kitchen.

The Latest Range Of Glass Splashbacks

Upgrade your kitchen with this toughened black glass kitchen splashback. Made from safety glass, this is guaranteed to be highly durable and heat-resistant. This splashback is ideal for compact kitchens and can fit perfectly to protect your walls from heat and spills from cooking.

Key Features

  • Easy to clean - just wipe any spills or stains off with a clean cloth over its glass surface
  • Classic black glass finish exudes elegance and can blend in any kitchen interior
  • Strong heat resistance that can endure long exposure to your stovetop and protect your walls from heat marks
  • Made from 6mm thick safety glass, guaranteed durable and solid with AS/NZS. 2208:1996 standards
  • Easy to install - can be fixed to any non-porous, dust and grease-free surface
  • Covers just the right amount of wall prone to dirt, spills, and heat -- helps you save on your renovation costs


  • 6mm thick black safety glass
  • AS/NZS. 2208:1996
  • Heat Resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Sleek black glass finish


  • Length: 900mm
  • Height: 750mm

It is highly recommended to have a professional perform the installation of glass splash backs.

1 Before installation, make sure the wall has been thoroughly cleaned and let it dry. Unpleasant marks and dirt on the wall can be highly visible through the glass splash back. It is also important to make sure that the surface where the splash back will be installed is flat and level.
2 To fit the splash back on the centre of the wall, get the wall space's measurement and take note of its centre point by marking it with a pencil. Measure the splash back next and get its centre point, too which you will then match to the wall's centre point.
3 For a neater installation, put masking tape along the length of the marked out space. This is to ensure that the silicone sealant will not be spread beyond the splash back's coverage, and to protect the rest of the wall and kitchen tops as well.

Apply the silicone sealant in a thin strip in the space where the kitchen wall meets the surface top, within the marked out area. With that done you can turn your attention to the glass itself. Apply a thin beaded line on the back of the glass around the edges. Leave a bit of space between silicone and edge, however, as you don’t want the silicone to squish out.

Note: When it comes to installing a glass splash back, you should only use a clear silicone, not a white one. The transparent nature of glass means that any other type of silicone will simply ruin the look. When applying the silicone to the back of the glass splash back itself, make sure that the front is resting on a clear, clean surface that won’t scratch the glass surface.

5 To fit the glass splash back, it is recommended to work from the bottom onwards. Line up the bottom edge of the splash back with the silicone sealant that you’ve placed at the junction of wall and surface. Double check that the glass is lined up with pencil marks from earlier. From there, ease the rest of the glass splash back upwards whilst pressing it firmly onto the wall. It is also highly recommended that another person is assisting to help balance the glass and check that the edges are being lined up exactly with the marked lines.
6 It is recommended that the silicone is left to dry for 24 hours before touching it again. This will ensure that the silicone is dry and the glass splash back is secure.



1 year manufacturer warranty against manufacturing faults. Conditions apply - see product documentation and Returns and Warranties Policy.

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