Tile Insert Outdoor Low Profile Linear Grate - Custom Sizes - 316 Stainless Steel


This Tile Insert drain channel grate from Shower Grate Shop includes a tile tray so your tiles can be inserted providing an almost invisible linear drain. It's a favourite with architects and designers to achieve the coveted minimalist look for patios, pools, and verandas.  It has clean linear styling and high-quality stainless steel offering superior load strength.  This linear grate is custom made to order to your exact specifications entered below.

Minimum of 500mm length required for this product.

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Tile Insert Outdoor Low Profile Linear Grate - Custom Sizes - 316 Stainless Steel
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Highly durable drain channel

These high quality 100% 316 marine grade stainless steel linear grates have no plastic components and are manufactured in Australia to comply with ADA standards. 316 grade stainless steel has an increased ability to resist pitting and crevice corrosion in warm chloride environments when compared to the 304 grade. The manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee.

Tile Insert Grate/Channel

This linear channel grate allows you to integrate your floor tiles to provide a modern seamless look for drainage in your patio or garage. It is also often used as a barrier drain on balconies and around pools as it can withstand high loads. There are no plastic parts and it is made for heavy traffic.

Any length, any outlet position!

Set your exact requirements for width, length, outlet position and size for a perfect fit and easily integrated custom shower grate.

  • Full 316 stainless steel - Marine grade and vehicle-rated
  • Clean modern look - Linear drain grates are the new minimalist look
  • Save on installation - This is a simpler option than a centre waste which requires four falls and many tile cuts
  • The 22mm depth is one of the shallowest in the market for installation in most spaces
  • Lifetime warranty from Shower Grate Shop

Shower Grate Shop - Premium Shower Grates

Shower Grate Shop invests in processes and skills to ensure the utmost in quality, luxury and longevity is built into their shower drains. Their products are trusted by industry professionals throughout the world. By making products that are beautiful, custom and functional, they are helping shape a barrier-free bathroom design.

Premium Specifications

  • Made to measure in Australia
  • 316 stainless steel for lifetime durability
  • No plastic parts
  • Internal tile insert tray is 11mm deep and has strong supporting feet for heavy traffic
  • Three widths available (60mm, 90mm, 115mm)
  • 22mm deep (50mm deep option for 90mm width)
  • Outlet in any position and 5 outlet diameter sizes
  • Fully Watermark Licensed for ATS 5200.040:2005
  • Lifetime Warranty


How to Install Linear Grates

Drainage is governed by Australian Standards, and the drainage in an outdoor situation is a function of the landscape drainage plumbing, the water-proofing, the drain apparatus, and the fall to the drain opening.  Each of these contributors to the drainage in your outdoor area may have a different tradesperson responsible so it is sometimes important that they are all aware of the planned installation technique.

Importantly, your ground should be properly water-proofed with a water-proof membrane in accordance with Australian Standard AS3740 before installing the linear grate channel.  This essentially means any water/moisture under your tiles or bricks will find its way to the drainage plumbing installed by the plumber.  Innovative drainage flanges are now best practice to ensure this sub-floor moisture can exit the drain. They also protect the pipework from debris entering during construction (see the video).  

Stainless steel linear drain grates are designed to sit above the waterproofing of your flooring and simply provide a surface channel for surface water to the drainage plumbing, and they should not be allowed to interrupt the flow and escape of any sub-tile moisture which your water-proofing and drainage system has allowed for.

The diagram below provides an illustration of the typical installation in an indoor setting (bathroom) with a concrete sub-floor - it shows the situation where the water-proof membrane (green) has been laid on top of the screed (left-hand side) and where the membrane has been laid under the screed (right-hand side). This linear grate is suitable for both types of water-proof membrane applications.  Download the installation guide below for installation steps and further installation illustrations for timber floors and various grate positions (against walls, hobs, etc).

How to install a shower grate

It is recommended that the steel tray and outlet do not contact the water-proof membrane, seal the drainage plumbing, or be sealed to the drainage plumbing, so any moisture in the tile bedding/screed can escape.  A build-up of moisture in the screed can ultimately cause dampness/mildew and tiles can dislodge.  See diagram above. 

It is also recommended that the membrane be completed before installing the linear grate.  If the membrane is integrated with the stainless steel linear grate, differences in the expansion and contraction rates of hardened stainless steel vs surrounding building materials can result in the membrane weakening or splitting where it joins the steel.   Your licensed water-proofer can advise you on the best methods for water-proofing your drainage area.

Click on the book to download the instruction manual (PDF) for this product.

Lifetime manufacturers warranty against manufacturing defects.

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