HEUGER Wardrobe Series


These wardrobe storage solutions from Heuger provide better organising and storage systems to avoid clutter in your bedroom. Each storage unit is designed to maximise space, especially in cramped closets and cabinets.

  • Innovative sliding system - Equipped with high-quality ball bearing slides for easy access to your clothes
  • Smart space savers - Each wardrobe storage unit aims to maximise space and create more room for your clothes
  • Flexible installation - The width of the frames are adjustable to fit various cupboard sizes.
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Wardrobe Storage Solutions, Shoe Rack, Ironing Board

Storage units help you maximise space in your closets and cabinets.  These storage solutions include pull out wardrobe baskets, slide out racks, and wardrobe storage trays.  Add class and style to your wardrobe storage and enjoy practicality and harmony at the same time.  Most wardrobe storage products from Heuger can be delivered to you free if you’re signed in as a Renovator Store member.

Closet Storage Ideas - Products by Heuger, Wardrobe Storage

Heuger is a specialist in wardrobe and cupboard storage solutions - including slide out trouser racks, tie racks and pull out shoe racks.  Trouser racks are built from strong metal, can hold up to 20 pairs of trousers and make it easy to access and hang your trousers.  Durable shoe racks pulls out on high-quality ball bearing steel runners - giving you two rows of shoe storage.

Ironing Board, Clothes Storage Systems - Available Online

Hide-away ironing boards are popular on Renovator Store for being convenient and easy to use.  A fold-out ironing boards saves you much space as it fits just right into your cupboard space and you can easily slide it out when you need to use it and glide it back into storage when you’re done.  Heuger ironing boards are equipped with superior ball bearing runners and solid plate hinge that make it a pleasure to use.

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