Puremix X7 - High Flow in-line - 4 Stage Under Sink Filtration System - 1 Micron

Puretec Product Code : PUREMIX-X7
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The Puretec Puremix X7 is engineered to give maximum flow performance for both low and high-pressure water systems. The ability to filter rain, harsh, rural and mains water down to 1.0 micron ensures safety and hygiene in your kitchen. The PureMix X7 is ideal for rural areas or buildings with older pipe infrastructure and will filter out sediment, dirt, rust and other nasty particles to produce clean and fresh drinking water straight from your tap. Easy to install and economical to maintain, the PureMix X7 Undersink Water Filter is the perfect solution to your kitchen water problems. Replacement cartridges available.

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Puremix X7 - High Flow in-line - 4 Stage Under Sink Filtration System - 1 Micron
Puretec Product Code : PUREMIX-X7
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Turn Your Existing Tap Water into a Pure, Safe, Delicious Filtered Drinking Water Tap!

With the new Puretec Puremix X7 water filtration system you can ensure that your drinking water is clean and pure. Even with Australia's high quality standards for water, there can be some unwanted nasties left in your water. With this unit you can be sure your family is consuming some of the best filtered water available.

Quad action filtration!

The Puremix X7 uses the latest technology Quad Action (4 Stage) in filtration. The PureMix X7 system is designed specifically for applications with higher sediment and harsher water quality such as rural supplies, areas with older pipe infrastructure and rainwater. With 4 levels of filtration and a radial flow design, the Puremix X7 filters your water of sediment, lead, rust and dirt down to 1 micron! Taste, odour, chlorine and other chemicals are absorbed by the carbon block technology leaving, healthy, great tasting, clean, safe and pure water as possible. 

Longer Filter Life

The Puremix X7 incorporates Puretec's long life filter technology, so you can go longer between filter replacements. This unit even comes with Puretec's 10 Year Platinum Protection Warranty.

  • Standard Connections - The Standard 1/2"BSP (15mm) connection allows for up to 8L Per Minute, therefore not compromising your water pressure. 

  • Easy Installation - Using your existing tap connections and the connections supplied, installation is a breeze for any registered plumber.

  • Long Life - This unit is rated at 37,500 Litres, which means it will last longer between replacement cartridges.

  • 4 Stage Filter in one cartridge - Removes Sediment, Chemicals, Lead, Calcium and more in one cartridge. 

  • Compact - This all in one unit is only 450mm x 215mm and can be installed vertically or horizontally to make the best use of your space!

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 PURETEC - Excellent Water Filtration Systems

Puretec water filters are manufactured to the highest standards for a world-wide market. Puretec has extreme requirements that can be suitably met whether you have a residential, commercial, or industrial application. With Puretec perfected water, you & your family can have safe drinking water right in the comforts of your home.



Puretec X6 4 Stage all in one filter for your existing kitchen tap



10-year warranty on replacement parts. 1-year parts and labour warranty, excludes cartridge. Conditions apply - see Returns and Warranties Policy.

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