Ecotrol Radfire Undersink UV System With R500

Puretec Product Code : PURETEC-ESR2-R500-1068

The Puretec Ecotrol™ ESR2 Series systems uses Radfire™ ultraviolet technology to kill bacteria. It is a better option where there is more usage or very dirty water.
It will do the same with bacteria as the ES2, only, is heavy duty, allowing more flow with less pressure, making it a better option where there is more usage or very dirty water. The luxury of safe, purified water at the source of a tap – no more lugging water bottles.

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Ecotrol Radfire Undersink UV System With R500
Puretec Product Code : PURETEC-ESR2-R500-1068
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The Best Water Purifier - Turn Your Rain Tank Water into Pure Drinking Water!

With this High Loop LED Faucet and Rain Water to Drinking water ESR2 Filtration and Ultra Violet all in one unit you can now make the best use of your captured rain water. This mean that instead of just using your rain water to water the garden or flush the toilets you can further reduce your impact on the environment by using it as pristine drinking water. Featuring a revolutionary UV water treatment system that kills 99.9% of bacteria!

Kills 99.9% of Bacteria using an Eco Friendly process!

Ultraviolet (UV) purification is a easy-to-maintain, clean, safe way of ensuring that your water is 99.9% free of bacteria. The Purification Process involves using Ultraviolet light to kill micro-organisms that could be present in your mains or rain water. UV is both environmentally friendly and safe because is doesn't use any harsh chemicals, also being essentially trouble-free which makes is the ideal bacteria removing technology. 

Premium LED Mixer Tap!

The mixer tap included in this kit features the latest technology in LED to ensure you replace your filters at the right time. The LED changes colour when it is time to change the filters so you'll ensure you always have the most pristine water for your family. The tap has an integrated filtered water outlet to reduce the clutter on your kitchen bench.

Key Features

  • Dual stage filtration
  • Uses Radfire™ ultraviolet technology
  • Kills bacteria - do not use chemicals
  • Low maintenance, no moving parts
  • Designed for alternative water supplies
  • Washable sediment cartridge
  • Silver Impregnated cartridge
  • Removes 99.9% bacteria

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 PURETEC - Excellent Water Filtration Systems

Puretec water filters are manufactured to the highest standards for a world-wide market. Puretec has extreme requirements that can be suitably met whether you have a residential, commercial, or industrial application. With Puretec perfected water, you & your family can have safe drinking water right in the comforts of your home.

3 Year Puretec Platinum Protection Warranty

3 Year Platinum Protection applies to Puretec Systems when used in conjunction with a Puretec filter cartridge.  Warranty excludes cartridges.

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