Key Safes and Lock Boxes

Key safes should be a staple item in every home, as keeping your keys under the door mat or in a flower pot may not be safe anymore! This outdoor key safe is commonly used in locations where carers, home helps and others can gain access to the home, without the need for the door to be left unlocked. This heavy duty key safe can store your front and back door keys, as well as your gate's and garage's because it can store up to 5 standard-sized keys at one time. Access it with your pre-set 4-digit code with ease.

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Secure Storage of Keys, Security - Home, Key Lock Box, Outdoor Fixtures Available Online

Keep your home safe while allowing access for cleaners or guests with a heavy duty key safe padlock or an outdoor key safe. A combination digital padlock that doubles as a key safety box is perfect if you want a portable key safe that gives you security you can depend on.  Also available: gate openers, house numbers, awnings, outdoor lights and garden lighting, drainage channels, and glass pool fencing spigots.

Key Safes & Cabinets, Portable Key Safe, House - Safety, Australia Wide Delivery

High quality outdoor key safes can solve your need to authorise access to your home without compromising your family’s safety.  You can conveniently secure your home and leave a spare key for use by other family members, caters, home helps, or trades people. An outdoor key safe can hold up to five standard keys and is heavy solid metal with a rubber cover.  Shop now and Renovator Store will ship to you whether in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, or anywhere in Australia.

Key Lock Safe, Locking Solutions, Wall Mounted Key Safe, Money Back Guarantee

Now you can keep your keys safe in a key safety box with a 4-digit combination lock that’s reprogrammable - convenient for you and others you want to give entry access.  These key safe products from Hansdorf will keep your family out of danger and belongings reasonably safe from burglars.  Purchase a key lock box today logged in as a Renovator Store member and enjoy a 30-day money back guarantee.

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