Irrigation Systems

The future of home irrigation is finally here. WaterMe Wireless Irrigation system lets you hydrate your garden even when you are not physically at home. Manage water flow, monitor schedules, and let the system help you how much water is needed to distribute depending on the current weather situation. 

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Self Watering System for Garden and Irrigation Controller Available Online

A sprinkler system with water timer is what you need when you want to manage your home irrigation system from wherever you are.  These intuitive garden watering systems can give you real-time data on water flow, leaks, error notification, or even system malfunctions.  The WaterMe wireless irrigation controller is designed for easy installation and simple use.

Water Sprinkler for Landscape, with Remote Access and Intuitive Weather Monitoring 

Sprinkler irrigation systems for modern homes can have up to 10 watering zones that you can conveniently monitor remotely.  Choose a water system for your garden that also allows you to program up to 10 watering schedules. In case of leaks, you can shut down the master valve input and the whole irrigation system to avoid water wastage and flooding your outdoors.

Irrigation and Garden Watering System, with Mobile and Web Application - Australia Wide Delivery

Renovator Store offers automatic garden irrigation systems that are convenient to control and monitor anytime and from any place as long as you have Internet access.  You can do this via a dedicated mobile and web application. This DIY self-watering system can also access real-time weather conditions and automatically adjust the water flow.  The wireless garden watering system can be shipped to you anywhere in Australia.

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