Stainless Steel House Numbers

These stainless steel house numbers from Hansdorf® are fixed in relief (off from the wall) providing the coveted architectural look.  The thick 2mm brushed 304 grade stainless steel is very durable and made to last.  

Includes all required fixings for most wall surfaces. 

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House Numbers, Stainless Steel - Home Number, House Number 1, 2, 3 and more

A renovated home or new home needs a stylish house number.  Hansdorf has contemporary letterbox numbers that are a perfect match to your modern home.  These high quality numbers are made of solid stainless steel with a brushed finish, and will last for years to come as they can withstand any weather. House numbers are available online now - shop numbers today.

Letterbox Numbers, Designer House Numbers, Stainless Steel Numbers - Free Shipping

Stainless steel house numbers  are durable and almost indestructible.  They are highly resistant to corrosion and rust proof, making the numbers perfect for outdoor use.  These letter box numbers are also capable of being lacquered or enameled if you prefer.  Free shipping on most items for Renovator Store members only.

Number Sign, Stainless Steel House Numbers, Modern House Numbers - Australia wide delivery

The premium quality of a Hansdorf house number is evident by its weight and hardness.  These stainless steel numbers can be mounted in relief, on walls and even on uneven or rough surfaces.  These come with fixing hardware for easy installation. Renovator Store will ship these to you in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Perth or anywhere in Australia.

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