Gate Openers

Gate opener systems are convenient for modern homeowners who prefer an efficient way of opening and shutting gates - both swing gates and sliding gates

  • Customisable Gate Openers - Most models have a digital control board so you can set and monitor gate functions, including an adjustable auto-close timer

  • Automatic Swing Gates - With a user-friendly gate remote that can function from 30m and most have a back-up solar energy panel so the gate is still automatic even during a power outage

  • Heavy-Duty Electric Gates - With powerful motors that can carry as much as 1000kg for two gates or even 1200kg and 1500kg in newer models

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Sliding Gate Opener, Automatic Swing Gate Opener 

Renovator Store has a range of gate openers for both single gates and double gates, for swinging gates and for sliding gates. These can be operated on gates weighing anywhere from 300kg to 1800kg, and you can select what suits your gate. When selecting an automatic opener, consider the size of your gate, the opening type (sliding or swinging), material quality, power consumption, and the price.

Auto Gate Opener, Solar Automatic Gate Openers - Remote Gates

Gate remote control is important when shopping for gate openers. There are two-button remotes that are battery operated, radiofrequency gate openers, Bluetooth remotes, and infrared remotes. Randy and Travis brand gate openers come with two or three remote controls for your convenience, and these have a 30-meter range.

Electric Gate, Solar Gate Opener - Australia-wide Delivery

For swing gates or hinged automatic gates, check your available space behind the gate, between gates, and from the hinge to the post. Also check the angle of opening that you want, which can be from 90 to 110 degrees (articulated arm type or underground motors) and sometimes up to 130 degrees (ram arm type). If you need help buying a gate opener, chat with our friendly customer service team or send an email to

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