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Outdoor drains from DrainTEK and Shower Grate Shop are a premium landscaping solution that ensures perfect architectural installation for your pool surrounds, patios, balconies, and driveways. Get the smart upgrade that you wanted for your drain channel without the big cost.

  • Stainless Steel Pool Grates and Landscaping Grates - Wedge Wire / Heelguard and Tile Insert Grates are made of from 316 stainless steel for lifetime durability
  • Customisable Architectural Drain Channels and Inserts - Manufactured to any length to suit any outdoor residential and commercial landscaping
  • Premium Tile Insert Grates - Simply fit into your existing Reln Channel Grate or replace any plastic drain channels
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Patio Drainage Channels and Grate, Tile Insert Grates Online

Outdoor drainage channels with high durability are essential for landscapes, pools, and other outdoor settings. Marine grade 316 stainless steel drain grates with no plastic parts are available for your requirements if you seek tough outdoor drain channels. These are heavy duty grates designed for heavy traffic areas and can be custom made to your length and outlet specifications.

Custom Made Stainless Steel Outdoor Pool Drains, Landscaping Grates

Choose from a variety of styles: wedgewire, heelguard, tile insert and more to provide a seamless drainage channel solution for your pool and/or spa surrounds. Simply enter your length and outlet positions and get a live quote online. The easy modular installation and included customisation make this the most popular high-grade online product with landscapers, plumbers, and pool builders. Fully customisable drainage channels with versatile drainage hole position are available online today.

Landscaping Grates for Driveways and Pools - Australia-Wide Delivery

Pool drainage channels and architectural grates from Shower Grate Shop and drainTEK can be purchased right now and can usually be dispatched within 1 business day. We always aim for prompt and efficient delivery wherever you are in Australia.

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