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Renovator Store wants to make you feel comfortable shopping on our site. And we stand behind our products! That is why we offer you a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied or just simply change your mind.

This guarantee is in addition to any rights you may have under law and does NOT apply to flooring products, aguzzo artstone baths and basins, shower screens and enclosures, attic ladders, awnings, custom-made products, spare parts, free products and add-ons, fire safety products, and gift cards.

Any Item(s) that clearly marked as Imperfect Sale (Scratch and Dent sale) items when purchased, are not returnable under our Money Back Guarantee, but is still a new item and fully covered by the normal product warranty (other than a claim for the disclosed imperfection)

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Under this Guarantee:

Members get 30 days - if you purchased as a registered Member of Renovator Store and wish to return an item purchased you must contact us within 30 days of delivery of the product as per the terms and conditions below.

Non-members get 14 days - if you purchased as a non-member (Guest) of Renovator Store and wish to return an item purchased you must contact us within 14 days of delivery of the product as per the terms and conditions below.

The procedures and terms and conditions below strictly apply. If your return is accepted under this Guarantee policy we will arrange to refund the product purchase price less any fees - otherwise it remains your property. It is important you understand and follow the procedures and terms below and the product is returned in "as new" and 100% resaleable condition. The return delivery costs are the responsibility of the Purchaser.

Damaged or faulty items? If your item(s) arrived damaged please review our Free Freight Protection Policy. If your item(s) arrived incomplete, or faulty then please see our Customer Care Form.

Terms and Conditions

To return a product ("Product") and receive a refund under this Guarantee you ("You") need to be the original purchaser and the following procedures and terms and conditions must be adhered to:

1. Contact us before the deadline You must contact us within the stated calendar days (14 for non-members and 30 for members) of original delivery of your Product. If proof of delivery time is not available it is deemed to be 3 days after the dispatch date. You will need to provide us the Order number and the Product Number (SKU) so please have these handy.
2. We will instruct on how to return The Renovator Store order management team will provide directions for the return of the Product. The return directions will require the customer to return at their own cost, or if we arrange postage/freight the cost of this will be deducted from any refund.
3. Products returned have to be in 'as new' condition To conform with this policy the Product must be received by Renovator Store in a 100% re-saleable condition:
- AS NEW: unused, not worn or damaged, and packaged "as new",
- INTACT AND COMPLETE: intact with all components and accessories, labels, and manuals,
- ORIGINAL PACKAGING: in all its original internal and external packaging, and
- WRAPPED TO PROTECT PACKAGING: with a protective outer wrapping to protect from labels and writing on package (we recommend wrapping in brown paper or equivalent).

NOTE: do NOT write on or stick anything on the product or its packaging. Please only write or place postage stickers on the protective wrapping.
Non-adherance to this condition may result in the product return being rejected or You incurring a re-packaging fee and/or re-stocking fee (see item 6 below).
4. Return within 14 days You must then return the product as per our directions within 14 days of us authorising the return. Items remain your property until the point that Renovator Store accepts them under this policy, if they decide to do so. So while they are in transit as a return they are at your risk so please ensure they are securely packed, and the shipping includes tracking and insurance. Renovator Store will not be responsible for any return items lost or damaged in transit under this Guarantee.
5. Renovator Store will determine the validity of the return Renovator Store has the sole right to assess the condition of the Product before approving a refund, credit or replacement.
6. Fees maybe deducted for re-packaging or re-stocking Renovator Store is entitled to charge you a re-packaging fee if the returned item is accepted and in our opinion requires re-packaging before re-stocking. The re-packaging fee is 10% of the purchase price of the Product(s) (subject to a minimum of $20.00) which will be deducted from your refund or your store credit.
7. We refund or credit the product purchase price and any repackaging or restocking fee(s) Where the terms and conditions of this Guarantee have been met, we will accept the Product as a return and approve a refund or credit and will send an email confirming this. Renovator Store will refund the purchase price of the returned Product less the shipping cost.

Where the terms and conditions of this Guarantee have not been met, we may reject the Product as a return and disapprove any refund. If Renovator Store rejects the return the Product will remain Your property. If the return is rejected, You may elect to arrange collection of the Product from Renovator Store or seek to agree a delivery of the Product back to You.

If Delivery Costs have been incurred by Renovator Store in facilitating the return process these will be payable by You to Renovator Store. Renovator Store reserves the right to deduct such Delivery Costs from any refund, store credit, or rewards balance with Renovator Store.
Delivery Costs include the actual costs paid by, or the costs advised by, Renovator Store to deliver the product to you and/or collect/return it, or if these costs are not available, will be calculated at the current Website delivery rates for non-member purchases for each delivery leg.

Where possible, refunds will be executed through a reversal of the initial customer transaction, including the reversal of any store or promotion credits utilised or earned in the order at our complete discretion. If Renovator Store has to reverse store credits earned in a transaction but there is not enough store credits available in the customer's account then Renovator Store will make this adjustment to the funds refunded.
The customer will be provided with e-mail acknowledgement once the refund is processed. Renovator Store accepts no responsibility for any delays in receipt of the refund due to payment gateway or financial institution processes.
8. The return may affect discounts allocated to the original order Where the reversal of a sale of an item requested to be returned would have changed or not allowed a discount or discounts, or rebate(s), or free item(s) or other promotional benefit in its original order Renovator Store will effect that change or cancellation by one or more of the following methods:
  • The discount(s), rebate(s), or value of free item(s) or other promotional benefits that would not have qualified for the order will be deducted from any refund processed
  • The free item(s) that would not have been included in the order have to also be returned under this policy, and/or
  • The discount(s), rebate(s), or value of free item(s) or other promotional benefits that would not have qualified for the order will be paid back by You before any return will be approved.