Bollard Lights

Outdoor bollard lights and lamp posts are great exterior lighting solutions for your entire garden, driveways, or pathways. Easily mount these garden pole lights on the surfaces of your landscape as general lighting and for additional safety at night.

  • 316 stainless steel bollard lights are the most ideal option for outdoor use
  • Available in matte black, titanium, and polished stainless steel finish to suit different landscapes
  • Bollard lights with MR16 globe holders require low voltage; use LED control gears with up to IP65 rating to power these lights


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    LED Bollard Lights for Outdoor

    Garden bollard lights can be surface mounted on landscapes to provide better and broader illumination to your outdoor space. LED bollard lights are a great source of general light to driveways, patios, pathways and add safety at night. Best bollard lights are energy efficient LED-ready and waterproof outdoor fixtures perfect for Australian weather. Available in different styles and premium finishes such as matte black, titanium, and 316 stainless steel bollard lights.

    Waterproof Landscape Lighting

    Install bollard lights as a series along walkways or pathways to maximise lighting outdoors. Bollard lights are tested and rated up to IP54. Ensure that the IP rating of the chosen bollard lights is relevant for the intended use. IP54 bollard lights or deck lights have protection against dust and splash, perfect for general outdoor use or damp interior environments. Select bollard lights with either MR16 or GU10 globe holders depending on your preference. You’ll find the perfect bollard light that will complement the design of your landscape.

    Best Exterior Deck Lights

    Buy bollard lights that are cost-friendly and energy-saving. They are a popular lighting option as they are compatible with LED bulbs. LED lighting is low cost to run, lasts a lifetime without needing replacement and is a much safer alternative in your home. Lasting longer and using 80% less energy than halogen globes, LED light contains no mercury unlike their halogen counterparts. Bollard light fixtures work well with in-ground and well lights. We ship Australia-wide.

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