Pendant Lights

Add a personal touch to your interior with dome pendant lights that are ideal as a decorative and task lighting.

  • Perfect for kitchen benches, hallways, study areas, or modern living rooms as it can suit a diverse range of interiors
  • Compatible with LED bulbs that are cost- and energy-efficient
  • An eye-catching fixture that can be adjusted at varying heights for style and personalisation


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    LED Indoor Pendant Lights

    Indoor ceiling mount pendant lights can be used in any interior room as a task and decorative lighting. Pendant lights are a great source of ambient light to kitchen benches, living areas, entryways, even restaurants and lounges. They have become important pieces in home decor and renovation, adding a functional and modern aesthetic to your living spaces. Available in different styles and premium finishes such as matte black, matte white, and antique copper.

    Adjustable Stylish Hanging Pendant Lights

    Pendant lights are fully customisable and can be personalised according to your lighting needs. The suspension cables can be installed at different heights by a licensed electrician, so you can adjust the light precisely to suit the situation. Height-adjustable pendant lights are functional over dining tables or study desks, as they can provide focus lighting for reading or direct tasks. Homeowners either install them by group for an added style or as a single light for a minimalist look.

    Cost Saving LED Ready Lights

    Buy pendant lights that are cost-friendly and energy-saving. They are a popular lighting option for the home as they are compatible with LED bulbs (usually with standard E27 screw). LED lighting is low cost to run, lasts a lifetime without needing replacement and is a much safer alternative in your home. Lasting longer and using 80% less energy than halogen globes, LED light contains no mercury unlike their halogen counterparts.

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