LED Downlight Kits

LED downlight kits are a perfect replacement for those old halogen globes. An LED downlight pack fits standard ceiling holes from 70mm to 205mm, and has either a round or square frame.

  • Premium LED downlights have chipsets on board (COB) that give higher quality light and colour reproduction and more than 50,000 hours use, plus larger heatsinks effectively dissipate heat and keep the LED chip cool.
  • Low profile LED downlights are perfect if you have limited ceiling space, as they have low profile heatsinks to effectively keep the LED chip cool in a smaller area.
  • LED downlights either have in-built motion sensor or are suitable with sensor technology, perfect for walk-in wardrobes and similar applications where the light does not need to be always on.


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    LED Downlights, Downlight Conversion Kit, LED Lights Melbourne

    DIY LED down light kits are the perfect solution to fitting out your new home or to replace your existing halogen lights.  Shop premium LED downlights for higher quality light and colour reproduction at Renovator Store and you’ll surely find what you need - from 5W, 10W, 15W, to 18W.  A good DIY downlight kit comes with a standard Australian power plug so you can easily install it, or you can get your electrician to wire it in just a few minutes.

    Dimmable LED Downlights, LED Lights Perth, LED Downlight Kit

    Shop premium LED downlight housing & fittings and you will get higher quality light and colour reproduction - especially if the downlight has a chipset on board (COB).  Get a downlight kit with a larger heatsink if you want one that more effectively dissipates heat and keeps the LED chip cool. If you have limited ceiling space you can opt for low profile LED down lights, which have low profile heatsinks also - perfect to keep the LED chip cool in a smaller area.

    LED Lights Adelaide, Down Lights, LED Downlight Kits - New or Retrofit

    Purchase your next set of downlights at Renovator Store and enjoy free shipping on most items if you’ve signed up as a member.  You can also avail a 30-day money back guarantee if needed, and earn Reno dollar rewards that you can use on your next buy.  We can ship to you in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney or anywhere you are in Australia - plus we dispatch in as quick as one business day.

    LED Downlight Conversion Kit,  LED Lights Sydney, LED Downlight Kit

    Browse through an array of LED lighting products or contact us and tell us what you’re after.  Get in touch with our friendly customer service team by calling (03) 9544 3003 or 1800 RENOSTORE 10am till 4pm AEST weekdays or send us a quick email anytime at service@renovatorstore.com.au. If lower priced items are what you seek, visit our Sale page or check our current discount codes.

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