What LED light colour is right for me?

LED Light Colours Differences

Selecting a suitable colour for your room is important.  It can affect the mood and the functionality.

Whilst the resulting colour of any light will be dependent on the wall and ceiling colours, furnishings of the room and the source and extent of natural light, the image on the left provides a guide as to the relative colour comparison of the three main choices.

What LED light colour is popular?

Most Renovator Store customers select warm white for their entire house as it is by far the most normal domestic light colour.  Natural white is sometimes selected for bathrooms and kitchens to give the feel of sunlight,  and for home office areas to provide a sharper light.  Cool white is generally only utilised in the laundry and garage.

Do not mix light colour in same space

Renovator Store recommends you do not mix light colours within a room as it will be noticeable.  Kitchen areas that are integrated with living areas should use the same colour light.  Brightness for a kitchen area can be achieved using focused pendants, under cabinet lights, brighter ceiling lights (with same light colour), or lights closer together.

The following table will give you some idea of the comparative colours