Under Sink Filters / Benchtop Filter Taps

Under sink water filter systems from Puretec are designed for mains or rainwater supply to provide your family with safe, clean water. Choose inline water filters to connect to your existing filter taps or complete filter kits that come with a dedicated tap.

  • Under Sink Water Filters - Easily fit and connect to any standard mixer tap. Install either vertically or horizontally under your sink.
  • Water Filter Kits - Designer faucets and three-way mixer taps come complete with inline water filters for your existing kitchen bench.
  • Three Way Mixer Tap Systems - The Tripla series include a triple-action faucet and quick-twist filter to provide you with cold, hot, and filtered drinking water. The ESR2 range is designed for rainwater supply.
  • WaterMark Approved - All Puretec filter taps have full compliance with WaterMark certification requirements to ensure product quality and water safety.
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Water Filter, Tri-Flow Faucet, Three-Way Mixer Taps

Shop water filters with three-way mixer taps, available online on Renovator Store.  Choose from Tripla mixer taps with under sink filter or from the SPARQ water filter systems.  The Puretec SPARQ series provides hot, chilled, and ambient water. The Tripla series has several chrome and matte black mixer taps, all with a revolutionary UV water treatment system.

Water Purifier, 3 Way Filter Mixers, Water Filters Australia

Tripla water filter systems dispense either hot or cold, filtered or unfiltered water coming from independent tubes to ensure that water passage for filtered water remains clean.  These water filters provide safe and efficient filtration and features quick DIY cartridge replacement, reduction of harmful elements, and your choice of horizontal or vertical filter mounting.  These have smartly designed tri-flow faucets, with an easy-to-use main handle and a filter switch.

Tap Water Filter, Ambient Water, Chilled Water

S4 has a multi-stage water purifying process and uses the latest carbon briquette technology.  It dispenses chilled sparkling filtered water right from the tap, with a built-in cooling system that instantly chills the filtered sparkling or still water.  A LED-enabled touch panel controls dispensing of water. The SPARQ H2 provides steaming hot water and filtered ambient water from the same tap.  It uses the powerful Ultra Z Filtration system that eliminates odours, taste, smell, chemicals and even bacteria from the water.

Kitchen Water Filters, 3 Way Filtered Mixer Tap

Puretec makes three-way mixer taps that can be used in kitchens where the tap is also used for drinking water.  These are smartly engineered tri-flow faucets that are made for hot, cold, unfiltered rainwater and filtered water from a single faucet.  The water filter systems are easy to use, and the cartridges are simple to replace.

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