Filtered Hot, Chilled, and Sparkling Water Taps

Enjoy instant hot water or chilled drinking water straight from the same tap equipped with a hot, cold, and sparkling water filter.

  • SPARQ S4 provides chilled sparkling or still water with just one touch on the tap’s LED panel.
  • SPARQ H2 gives instant steaming hot and ambient water, filtered using Ultra Z Filtration Technology.
  • The latest technology in water filtration ensures that your drinking water is safe and free from sediments, odour and other harmful chemicals.
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Water Filter System with Multi-Stage Water Purifying Process

Puretec SPARQ S4 uses the latest carbon briquette technology in a multi-stage water purifying process.  This water filter system gives you clean and tasty sparkling water with a single touch on the LED panel of the faucet.  You instantly get chilled sparkling water dispensed after CO2 gas is injected into the water stream.

Water Filter for Hot Water or Ambient Water for Homes or Commercial Kitchens

Get instant hot water in your kitchen or bar using the SPARQ H2 water filter system.  This water filter gives steaming hot water of up to 60 cups per hour so you can install it for home or commercial use.  It includes a lock on the hot water tap to prevent scalding, plus it has thermal fuse protection and water pressure protection.  The SPARQ H2 also provides filtered ambient water from the same elegant tap.

Sparkling Water, Chilled Drinking Water Filters - Australia Wide Delivery

Enjoy chilled sparkling filtered water right from the tap with the SPARQ H4.  It has a built-in cooling system that instantly chills the filtered sparkling or still water.  A LED-enabled touch panel controls dispensing of water. You can install this water filter system under-sink as it is sleek and compact.  Order the SPARQ H4 now and Renovator Store will deliver to you anywhere within Australia.

Filtered Hot and Ambient Water from a Single Tap

Ambient water and hot steaming water comes from a single tap in the SPARQ H2.  This water filter from Puretec uses the powerful Ultra Z Filtration system that eliminates odours, taste, smell, chemicals and even bacteria from the water.  It has a stainless steel tank to ensure clean and hygienic storage of your drinking water. The SPARQ H2’s tank is insulated so that heating time and energy consumption are minimised.

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