Water Filters and Purifier Systems

water purifierGet spring-quality water for your family using a filter for either your water mains or for rainwater. Choose a unit for your whole house or just for your kitchen sink.

  • Get a water mains filtration system to get filtered water for your home, cleaner dishes and clothes, and to prolong the life of your appliances.

  • Select a rainwater purifier that will turn captured rain water into safe, delicious drinking water via a UV purification process that eliminates 99.9% of harmful bacteria.

  • Three-way filtered mixers are perfect for small kitchens, giving you hot water, cold water, and filtered water all from one tap.

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Under Sink Water Purifiers For Mains Water, Rainwater

Under sink filtration units refine water directed to one sink which is highly used in a household. These under-sink quality water filters use the latest filter technology system to ensure the best tasting water for your family as they remove sediment, chemicals, lead, calcium and more with one cartridge. Each water filter is designed to be long-lasting and for Australian water conditions.

Kitchen Sink Water Purifiers, Whole House Water Filters

Water filtration systems for the home are equipped to process water for the entire house in one go, whether from the mains water or captured rainwater. The water filtration unit comes in a heavy-duty casing so you can install it even outdoors. A whole house water filter is easy to install for any registered plumber. Filter cartridges can be replaced effortlessly as these are easily accessible.

Water Filtration Systems For The Home & Water Filter Options For Your Kitchen

Buy a three-way filtered mixer or an undersink filter with faucet for any of your kitchen sinks. A three-way filtered mixer combines functionality with design, having a lever that dispenses filtered water, and another that will give hot or cold tap water. Shop under sink filters with taps that provide safe and tasty drinking water instantly. Bad taste, odours, and sediment will be filtered out before the water reaches your glass. All these water filters are easy to install.

Best Water Filters in Australia, Delivered Free

Home water filter systems from Puretec are manufactured to the highest standards for a worldwide market. Water filtration systems that meet extreme requirements, whether at home or for commercial, industrial, agricultural or scientific needs. With these quality water filters you can be sure your family is consuming some of the best filtered water available. Buy your water purifier online now as a Renovator Store member and get free shipping across Australia.

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