Flexible Hose Mixer Taps

Modern kitchens need a flexible kitchen mixer tap to reach all corners of your sink with its swivelling body. Unlike retractable hoses, these non-retractable faucets let you see its full length at first glance.

  • Flexible taps that are useful for washing pots and in cleaning hard-to-reach sink areas
  • Contemporary style kitchen taps with spring gooseneck or minimalist designs
  • Highly reliable ceramic cartridge technology for uniform temperature and water flow transition


    Which type of kitchen tap are you looking for?


    Stainless SteelStainless Steel
    Stainless Steel
    Flexible HoseFlexible Hose
    Flexible Hose
    Pull-Out TapsPull-Out Taps
    Pull-Out Taps
    Gooseneck Kitchen TapsGooseneck Kitchen Taps
    Gooseneck Kitchen Taps
    Water Filter TapsWater Filter Taps
    Water Filter Taps
    Black / Gun Metal GreyBlack / Gun Metal Grey
    Black / Gun Metal Grey
    Brushed Brass / GoldBrushed Brass / Gold
    Brushed Brass / Gold
    Copper / Rose GoldCopper / Rose Gold
    Copper / Rose Gold

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