Nano-Coated and Anti-Scratch Kitchen Sinks

Nano-coated kitchen sinks are known to last longer than most sinks that are currently available on the market. This is due to the nanoscale thick film that perfectly complements the 304 stainless steel construction of these sinks.

  • Kitchen sinks that have nanocoating technology do not fade as time passes
  • Choose from the PINIZ range of Higold Australia - these kitchen sinks combine nanocoating with anti-scratch properties, so they're safe from getting pierced or attaining dents
  • On top of being rust-resistant from stainless steel construction, a nano-coated kitchen sink is applied with anti-condensation undercoating to prevent moisture buildup and molding
  • These kitchen sinks can be conveniently installed to match your kitchen style since you have the option to choose between topmount or undermount installation
  • To complement your kitchen design and space, these kitchen sinks are available in different sizes and finishes


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