Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen sinks & laundry tub sinks can be sturdy and beautiful at the same time if you select with care. Which type of sink are you looking for?

  • Durable Stainless Steel Sinks with Noise Minimising Features: Precision-made high-grade stainless steel sinks that are highly resistant to dents and built with noise-reducing baffle pads.
  • Timeless Composite Sinks: Granite sinks exude refined beauty and strength, and are designed with anti-scratch properties.
  • Versatile Sinks Designed for Convenience: For busy kitchens with limited spaces, workstation kitchen sinks come with accessories that perfectly fit their integrated slide lips.
  • Flexible Use:  A large single bowl or deep single bowl sink design is best to be used as laundry sinks.

 Which type of sink are you looking for?

Stainless Steel SinksStainless Steel Sinks
Stainless Steel Sinks
Granite SinksGranite Sinks
Granite Sinks
Single Bowl Kitchen SinksSingle Bowl Kitchen Sinks
Single Bowl Sinks
Double Bowl SinksDouble Bowl Sinks
Double Bowl Sinks
Workstation SinksWorkstation Sinks
Workstation Sinks
Drainer SinksDrainer Sinks
Drainer Sinks
Brushed Gold SinksBrushed Gold Sinks
Brushed Gold Sinks
Gunmetal / Black SinksGunmetal / Black Sinks
Gunmetal / Black Sinks
Laundry/Deep SinksLaundry/Deep Sinks
Laundry/Deep Sinks
Sink AccessoriesSink Accessories
Sink Accessories

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