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Mains Water - Whole House Filtration Units

The best filtered water is available for your family with this range of mains water filtration systems from Puretec. These are designed to process water for the entire house in one go.

  • Effortless installation - uses standard fittings so installation is worry-free for any registered plumber

  • Heavy duty housing - comes in a heavy-duty casing so it can be comfortably installed outdoors

  • Easy-access cartridge - After the cover is removed, accessing the cartridges is easy and changing them is a breeze.

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Water Filter Units for the Whole House, Water Treatment Systems Online

Puretec makes whole house water filters so you don’t need individual units throughout your home.  Get just one unit for your family’s peace of mind, like the Puretec Hybrid G6. The G6 is a high-flow whole house UV water treatment system that can also turn rainwater into pure and safe drinking water.  Renovator Store also offers the WH1 water filter and the WH2 dual stage water filter, both designed to process water for your entire house.

Mains Water Filters, Whole House Filtration Systems, Water Softener System

Get the best filtered water for your family - choose from this range of mains water filtration systems from Puretec.  For hard water, get a water softening unit like the Puretec SOL Softrol Series Water Softening System - Volumetric E3-Matic.  This filter system protects your whole house from calcium buildup and scaling, as well as your pipework and appliances.  It also provides a better lather when using soap and shampoo.

Water Purifier, Whole House Filter Systems - Puretec Water Filtration Solutions

Water filter systems from Puretec ensures peace of mind that your family is consuming the best filtered water available.  The WH1 water filter refines water to reduce buildup in your appliances so they last longer. A dual stage filtration unit is also available - the WH2, that removes sediments like dirt and rust, plus improves the taste of your water, then uses bonded activated carbon to further reduce sediment, cysts, lead, heavy metal, chlorine and other harmful chemicals and bad tastes.

Water Filtration System, Mains Water System - Australia Wide Delivery

The best filtered water is available for your home with Puretec’s range of mains water and whole house filtration units.  These products feature effortless installation, heavy-duty housing that makes outdoor installation possible, and easy-access cartridge so that changing them is easier.  Shop a water filter unit now and we’ll deliver to you wherever you are in Australia.

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