Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

What should you look for in a Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink?

One of the most important factors for durability and quality of a Sink is its thickness. Look for the following:

  • 1.2mm to 1.5mm Thick - Handmade (premium quality) means uniform thickness, Plunge-moulded (economy quality) means more value for money.

  • Rounded Corners for easy cleaning or Zero Radius Corners for clean, sharp lines.

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Kitchen Sinks in Stainless Steel - Top Choice for Family Kitchens

Stainless steel is the most common material for kitchen sinks and still a popular choice in many homes.  A stainless steel kitchen sink is the standard in many kitchen remodels because it is durable, sanitary, quiet, and easy to clean.  At Renovator Store you can shop for all sizes of stainless steel sinks, whether square or round corners, with drainer or other kitchen sink accessories.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks - Strong & Durable Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen sinks made of stainless steel are durable and last a long time.  The strength of stainless steel sinks is incomparable to other materials.  As 304-grade stainless steel has more chrome and nickel content, Renovator Store’s stainless steel sinks are resistant to rust and oxidation.  A stainless steel kitchen sink can scratch but marks can be buffed out especially on brushed stainless steel. If you want a sink that will last a lifetime in your kitchen, get a stainless steel kitchen sink.

A Modern Kitchen with a Stainless Steel Sink is Clean & Safe for Your Family

Contemporary kitchens should always be clean and safe for your family.  Stainless steel is considered the most hygienic among metals and stainless steel sinks prevent the growth of bacteria or mildew as they have no pores or cracks.  A stainless steel kitchen sink also does not have lead or arsenic, so nobody in your home can get sick from them.

Double Sink Choices, Single Bowl Sink, Deep Kitchen Sinks

Renovator Store has a wide array of stainless steel kitchen sinks from Swedia, Aguzzo, Brienz.  There are single bowl, double bowl, and even 1-½ bowl sinks; deep kitchen sinks; 1.2mm and 1.5mm thick sinks; top mount and under-mounted sinks; and kitchen sinks with round corners and those with square corners.  How do you choose? Read How To Choose A Stainless Steel Sink For Your Kitchen, or contact our friendly service team today.

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