In Wall Speaker Cables

Professional home theatre speaker cables are designed for in-wall and in-ceiling installation, and will not compromise your audio quality! Available in 12 AWG, 14 AWG, and 16 AWG gauges - 2 core and 4 core.

  • Stronger, thick coating and internal rip cord make it easier to pull through cavities during installation
  • Pure 100% oxygen-free copper gives the best performance vs. cheaper cables’ copper-coated strands
  • Fully fire-rated and CL2 compliant for safety and exceeds domestic requirements, with a fire retardant insulation and jacket


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In Wall Speaker Cable - 12 AWG, 14 AWG, 16 AWG gauges

100% oxygen-free copper speaker cables from DigiHaus are fire rated CL2 compliant. Home theatre speaker wires available in 12 AWG gauge, 14 AWG gauge, and 16 AWG gauge, with an option for 2 core or 4 core. A rip cord makes it easier to pull through cavities during installation and helps protect the internal conductors from tearing, stretching, and accidental damage.

Home Theatre Speaker Cable, Speaker Wire in Wall - Home Cinema

Ultra premium speaker cables are professional grade 12 AWG gauge cables that are designed for in-wall and in-ceiling installation.  Heavy 12 AWG cables are made of 210 strands of oxygen-free copper. Get the highest performance from your speakers when you use Digihaus speaker cables - perfect for your home theatre entertainment.

Home Theater Speaker Wire, 14 Gauge In Wall Speaker WIre - Home Theater

Fire-rated home theatre speaker cables on Renovator Store have a durable exterior slide jacket that makes installation easy.  The speaker cable jackets have highly visible colours so you are alerted to always keep them away from power cables and other electromagnetic interference sources.  Use 16 AWG speaker cables for domestic home theatre setups, which will have no detectable effect on your audio even beyond a 15-metre distance to a typical 8-ohm speaker.

In Wall Speaker Wire, Oxygen Free Speaker Cable - Home Theatre Systems

Pure OFC copper speaker cables have 99.9% oxygen-free copper conductors.  These will give you exceptional quality audio compared to cheaper cables. The audio output will not be compromised even with your very best speakers, and these OFC cables will provide great sound even at very long distances.  Purchase your home theatre system speaker cables from Renovator Store and enjoy free shipping on most items if you are a member.

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