In Wall RCA Cables


High-performance RCA cables are your best option for superb audio and video quality. These may be used for digital audio coaxial cables, left and right audio cables, composite video cables, or subwoofer leads.

  • Corrosion resistant due to 24K gold plating, ensuring ultra-high conductivity and no signal degradation at each connection

  • Flawless signals are delivered to your highest quality equipment even for long distances

  • Ideal for in-wall installation because cables are exceptionally shielded and has a durable jacket, which resists electrical interference


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    RCA Cable, In-Wall Cable - Home Cinema

    RCA cables on Renovator Store are used to connect receivers to subwoofers and various digital audio and video applications - TVs, projectors, and camcorders.  These cables combine both digital and analogue signals into one plug without compromising signal quality, unlike traditional RCA cables that need to have all three plugs to be connected for optimal audio and video quality.

    In Wall RCA Cable, Home Theater - Australia

    DigiHaus RCA cables are designed for in-wall installation, as they are exceptionally shielded and with a durable jacket, so as to resist electrical interference.  In-wall cables also mean less clutter, perfect for modern home theatre setups. Purchase home theatre cables signed in as a Renovator Store member and you can have them delivered to you anywhere in Australia, plus you get to enjoy free shipping on most items and a 30-day money back guarantee.

    Home Theater Systems, In-Wall RCA Cables

    These RCA cables measure up with expensive brands - your best choice to get excellent audio and video quality.  The in-wall cables are designed with gold plating to ensure there is no signal degradation.  The gold plating is very resistant to corrosion, so these cables are made to last without connectivity quality loss.

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