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Projector screens can turn your living room into an exciting home theatre for you to enjoy the ultimate movie experience with your family. These projection screens are also great for office and classroom settings.

  • For motorised screens, a silent motor drops the screen at the touch of a button and neatly retracts it back up when done.
  • Motorised projection screens also include a remote and are available in 100”, 120”, and 150” sizes.
  • The portable screen is the versatile choice, and has a durable aluminum frame that guarantees strength.

Which digital cables and accessories do you need for your home theatre system?

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Project - Home Theater Systems, Electric Projector Screen, Portable Projector Screen

An electric motorised projector screen for your home cinema system will allow you to enjoy your dream home theatre that will save you space.  Renovator Store has these projector screens that can be hidden away when not in use - a wireless remote can roll it down for viewing a movie then retract it back up at the touch of a button.  The portable 100-inch projector screen meanwhile can be carried from your home to your work if you need it for a presentation. The screen has a durable aluminium frame and a high-definition matte white screen for the best picture quality.

120-inch Projector Screen, 100-inch Projector Screen, 150-inch Projector Screen

The 150-inch motorised projector screen is perfect for your home cinema system.  Like the 120-inch and the 100-inch screens, this can be installed on your wall or ceiling, having a stylish and lightweight casing but solid construction.  These home theatre projection screens have a smooth and quiet motor that’s controlled by a remote. Get your ultimate viewing experience on your home theatre system with these projector screens from Randy & Travis Machinery.

Home Theatre Projector, Motorised Projector Screen, Australia Wide Delivery

The home theater projector screens have precision matte white fabric that can provide superior image reproduction.  They have a black velvet border that can absorb all visual disturbance. The home cinema projector screen is designed for a standard 4:3 aspect ratio of a 16:9 wide-screen format.  It will give you razor sharp definition and vivid colours that’s great when watching movies, sporting games or office presentations.  Buy a projector screen today and get it delivered to you wherever you are in Australia.

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