In Wall HDMI Cables

This high-speed HDMI cable is the highest grade universal cable that is compatible with smart TVs, 3D TVs, game consoles, and data transmission. It is the single digital cable you need so you can avoid cable complexity.

  • NEATLY CONCEALED - Will complement minimalist interiors as cables are concealed in the walls and the ceiling

  • HIGHEST QUALITY - Provides superior digital audio and video signal transfers and highly accurate and vivid pictures

  • BUILT TO LAST - With a thick insulation designed to be durable enough for in-wall installation, making it perfect for home theatre and projector setups

Premium HDMI Cables


Which digital cables and accessories do you need for your home theatre system?

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HDMI High Speed 4K, In-Wall High Speed HDMI Cable - Home Theater Systems

With ultra premium in-wall high speed HDMI home theatre cables, you only need one cable for audio, video, and data - translating to installation cost savings!  These HDMI cables support 4K ultra HD and Blu-ray definition, 3D TVs, internet TVs, smart TVs, all the latest digital sound systems, and even HD game consoles. Buy high-quality HDMI cables from Renovator Store and you’ll get your purchase delivered anywhere in Australia.

HDMI Wall Cables, Premium High Speed HDMI Cable - Home Theatre

DigiHaus home HDMI cables will future-proof your home theatre system.  These cables have 24K gold-plated connectors to ensure the highest quality data transfer.  The high-speed HDMI cables include ethernet channel support so you will not need an additional data cable for your game console, smart TV, or your internet.

Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable, In-Wall High Speed HDMI Cable - Home Cinema

In-wall HDMI home theatre cables on Renovator Store supports 3D TV and will support picture resolutions higher than what’s available today.  These cables will provide you highly accurate and vivid pictures so they are great for movies. Plus, because you only need one cable your home theatre setup is cleaner and safer - unlike multiple wires can easily get tangled and become a fire hazard.

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