AV Wall Plates


Professional wall plates neatly conceal home theatre cables in the wall so you don’t end up with a nest of tangled cables.

  • High-quality wall plates use only corrosion-resistant 24k gold connectors for the best possible connection

  • Designed for simple installation to fulfil all audio and video connections you need

  • Home theatre speaker wall plates with mounting bracket consolidate all speaker connections in one setup


Which digital cables and accessories do you need for your home theatre system?

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Speaker Wire Wall Plate, Speaker Wall Plates - Home Cinema, Free Shipping in Australia

Digihaus provides speaker wall plates, video wall plates, and dual HDMI wall plates for home theatre systems.  The 8.2 speaker wall plate is designed to consolidate all your speaker connections. It can support configurations of up to 9.2 channels including 7.2, 7.1, 6.2 (+ Zone 2), 6.1 (+ Zone 2), 5.2 (+ Zone 2) and 5.1 (+ Zone 2).  Shop home theatre cables, wall plates, and projector screens on Renovator Store - members get free shipping on most items and purchases get delivered to anywhere within Australia.

Audio and Video Wall Plates, Speaker Cable Wall Plate - Australia Wide Delivery

Home cinema speakers and home theatre system cables need wall plates to get those cables well organised.  DigiHaus offers speaker wall plates, video wall plates, and HDMI wall plates.  Two-speaker wall plates and 3-speaker home theatre wall plates can accommodate banana plugs, bare wire, and spade terminals on the front and the back.  These wall plates are made with quality materials including 24K gold plated binding posts for the best possible connection and corrosion resistance. Digihaus assures you of enhanced entertainment value with its home entertainment and home cinema products.

HDMI Home Theatre Wall Plate, Video Wall Plate, Speaker Wall Plates - Home Cinema

Keep your home theatre system neat and without tangled cables.  Use a video home theatre wall plate for HDMI connection and RGB component connections to conceal your video cables and maintain the best possible connections.  This can be installed with any standard Australian wall bracket and compatible with all versions of male-to-male HDMI cables and male-to-male RCA component cables.  The dual HDMI home theatre wall plate, on the other hand, is compatible with all versions of HDMI cable and all TV resolutions.

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