Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Because Renovator Store is an online retail store we are able to save money by not having to pay for showrooms and all of the costs associated with that, therefore we don’t have retail margins on our products. Which means keeping high-quality products at a very reasonable price. We also cut out the middleman by going straight to the manufacturer.

Becoming a member is free and easy. Simply create an account using your email address.

By becoming a member, you get to enjoy these benefits:

- Earn Reno Dollars

- Exclusive access to Member Deals

- 30-Day Easy Returns

We currently don't have a showroom, but we are available on the phone if you have enquiries about a product. Product viewings are available by appointment only as we keep our costs low by not providing a traditional retail showroom. Feel free to call us during office hours at 1800 736 678.

Click And Collect is available for selected items from Renovator Store, Braeside. You will be contacted by the Renovator Store team after you place your order if any items cannot be collected.

1. Select "Click and Collect" during checkout - Note: This option is only visible if you are ordering eligible items

2. You will receive an email within 2 business days when your order is ready to be collected

3. You can collect your items from Renovator Store, Braeside between 10 am and 4 pm

Any items not eligible for Click And Collect will be despatched to you

Renovator Store
49-51 Mills Road
Braeside, VIC, 3195

Yes. We offer Trade Membership and discounts. Simply signup for a Trade Account HERE.

Reno Dollars are rewards we give our customers whenever they purchase an item. Learn more about how you can earn and use your Reno Dollars HERE.

If you’re interested in featuring our products simply contact our marketing team at

Yes, you can purchase Renovator Store eGift Cards HERE

Shipping & Returns

We provide Free Shipping on most items. However, for some bulky items, we do charge for shipping, and the shipping cost will be calculated on the checkout page.

Yes, we offer you a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied or just simply change your mind. This guarantee does not apply to flooring products, custom-assembled products, fire extinguishers, spare parts, and gift cards.

Our registered members get 30 days money back guarantee. Non-members get a 14-day guarantee. If you wish to return a product to us under this Guarantee the product has to be in "as new" condition, unused and 100% re-saleable.

In most cases the average delivery times we observe are:

VIC Metro2 to 3 Business Days
VIC Regional 3 to 4 Business Days
NSW Metro2 to 4 Business Days
NSW Regional3 to 5 Business Days
QLD Metro2 to 4 Business Days
QLD Regional3 to 5 Business Days
TAS, SA, WA and NT3 to 5 Business Days

These are average delivery times and we often observe shorter and longer timeframes. Renovator Store cannot control delivery timeframes and processes, and your first point of communication on a delivery is the carrier. An order might come in multiple parcels. Sometimes we might send your order in more than one package or from different distribution centres, and they may arrive at different times. See our detailed delivery timeframe estimation page

We require our customers to check their products on arrival and before installation. That way any pre-existing fault can be identified before the product is fixed to your house. If your item(s) arrives incorrect, damaged, incomplete, or faulty then please email us at and we will seek to rectify the issue.

Our registered members get 30 days money back guarantee. Non-members get a 14-day guarantee.

If you wish to return a product to us under this Guarantee the product has to be in "as new" condition, unused and 100% re-saleable. Simply contact our friendly order management team who will provide instructions on how to return the item.

We currently deliver Australia-wide. If you are located in New Zealand, kindly visit our New Zealand Website.

For inquiries about international shipping please contact our Customer Service Team with items required, quantities, delivery address and country, and contact phone number.

If your item(s) arrives incorrect, damaged, incomplete, or faulty then please email us at and we will seek to rectify the issue.

In most cases you will receive instructions by email on how to track your delivery once your order has been completed.

Unfortunately, due to carrier restrictions we can not specify a delivery date for your order. We can, however, delay the dispatch of an item if it needs delivering after a specific date if you are away on holiday for example. Just contact us at immediately after placing an order and we can delay the dispatch for you.

Our deliveries typically require a signature upon delivery and our nominated couriers typically deliver only during business hours. So it is best to provide a shipping address that will be attended to during business hours. If someone is not available to accept the goods, the standard practice is to leave a card informing you how to make instructions for re-delivery or to collect from your local Post Office.

For items sent via TOLL, you can instruct the delivery driver to drop off your packages by printing and completing an “Authority to Leave Declaration Form.” You must display this form in a safe and clearly visible place for your Toll delivery driver to drop off your items. Click here for "Authority to Leave Declaration Form."

You can put a short note on your order on the order completion screen to provide an authority to leave parcels, however, Renovator Store cannot guarantee the carrier will observe these requests.

Payments & Security

Currently, our payment options are Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and PayPal.

The Renovator Store Website uses fully PCI-DSS compliant payment gateways powered by National Australia Bank (NAB) and PayPal to ensure all transactions are completely securely, and meet the international requirements for payment security.

Your data is encrypted and sent directly to NAB and PayPal, which means our servers never have access to your sensitive information, providing you with the peace of mind you need to make your purchase safely.


WaterMark is a product quality certification provided by independent certifying authorities. It confirms the product complies with the Plumbing Code of Australia and the relevant Australian Standards which relate to product quality, including health and safety and confirm that it is fit for purpose in Australia.

WaterMark certification is mandatory for products to be legally installed in accordance with state and territory plumbing regulations. Products required to be certified are listed in the Plumbing Code of Australia and AS3500.000. All our products here at Renovator Store have the appropriate WaterMark certification and the licence numbers are stamped on all products, as required by law. This quality assurance is for the quality of the product, so it is safe to use with the water system here in Australia and will not contaminate the water supply, nor allow wash-back of dirty water back into the clean water supply.

WELS is Australia's water efficiency labelling scheme. It allows consumers to compare the water efficiency of different products. All WELS products must be registered with the regulator, rated and labelled according to the requirements of the WELS Standard AS/NZS6400:2005 Water-efficient products-Rating and labelling. All Renovator Store products that fall under the WELS rating scheme have the required labelling upon them.

The WELS Scheme uses a star-based rating scheme to indicate the efficiency and flow rate of the water that is going directly into the drains. i.e. Basin, Shower, Toilet.

Bath taps are not included in this as bath taps/spouts fill a bath and the water does not flow directly into the drain. Nor do Shower Arms as it is the Shower Head that needs to have the final water flow rating on them.

Renovator Store do hold spare parts for some products in our warehouse in Melbourne and we can source other spare parts from the supplier. In the first instance please complete the Customer Care Form and select the ‘Product Issue: Spare Part Required’ option at the bottom of the form. The Products Team will then review the information and contact you to whether we can source the part required or whether you will need to speak to the supplier directly.

NB: We cannot supply spare parts for products that were not purchased from us.

The installation instruction come inside the box for our products and are also emailed to you after the order has been confirmed. They can also be found on the webpage of each item you have purchased for your convenience.

The most likely causes of a leaking Mixer is foreign material from the water supply being lodged in or has damaged the internal cartridge. This can be common where the water lines have not been properly flushed during installation or if the property does not have filtered water.

It is merely a maintenance issue and is something that can be resolved by simply cleaning the internal cartridge or replacing it if necessary. The maintenance information advises how to get access to and inspect the cartridge.

If you find that your ceramic cartridge has been damaged by the debris/sediment in the water, you can purchase a replacement cartridge from us. Please contact us at if you would like to purchase a new cartridge and we can facilitate this for you.

A flickering LED light can be a result of various issues that could be causing this flickering and may be related to the LED, its transformer or the situation it is in. Below are the most common causes of flickering LED's and a solution to solving these issues.

Please read the notes below carefully as you may continue to experience performance issues and failures if these issues are present. You should also remove the down light and driver and plug this into a different working power point to determine if it is the power source that is causing the issue.

LED Light Flickering? If you are experiencing strobing or flickering it is typically caused by one of three things:
Incompatible dimmer on the circuit
Electrical interference
Environmental problems

Incompatible DimmerIn almost all domestic cases flickering is caused by an incompatible dimmer. As indicated in the instructions it is recommended that LED down lights are only used with an LED dimmer switch. Whilst dimmer manufacturers will tell you their dimmer switches are likely to be compatible with LED lighting if they are not specifically for LED lighting they can cause a number of performance issues - ranging from a reduced dimming range to flickering and even failure.

Your electrician should have checked for compatibility and to address this issue install an LED specific dimmer switch.

Electrical InterferenceThis is a more difficult problem to identify. LED down light drivers are sensitive to power quality. Any interference in the power can cause performance problems like flickering and can ultimately lead to failure. As the instructions highlight, the LED down lights cannot be installed with other electrical devices on the circuit, such as ceiling or exhaust fans, as this is likely to cause performance issues as well as void the warranty.

To address this issue ensure the light circuit includes no other devices and check the quality of your power source.

Environmental Issues Dampness, heat and/or lack of airflow will cause issues with LED transformers and/or down lights. Ensure that the environment for these LED down lights meets the requirements for installation as detailed in the instructions.The LED down lights cannot be covered by insulation as this will reduce their lifetime as the heat sink will be unable to dissipate the heat.

To address this issue ensure the environment that the LED down lights are in are moisture free, have adequate airflow/ventilation and they are installed in accordance with the clearance details as per the instructions.

In relation to LED lights they fall in to 3 main 'colours' depending on their Kelvin rating:

"Warm White"is a comfortable light ideal for all areas of your home, particularly living areas and bedrooms. It is by far the most popular choice of lighting for homes as they produce a warm homely feel.

"Natural White"is a sharper light replacing daylight. It is practical for use in bathrooms, pantries and work areas within your home

"Cool White"is an artificial whiter light that is useful in laundries and garages and is usually unsuitable for living areas.

"Vintage LED"is a newer style that has recently gained popularity and I would best explain it as a "dark-tinted warm light". It has the same style LED as warm lights but tinted glass that gives a darkened, moodier effect.

Please click Here for more information on LED Light colour.

The brightness of an LED light is determined by 2 factors:

LED Chips- These can be single chip or multi-chip, meaning they have either one large chip or multiple smaller chips spread out in the globe. The general consensus is that single-chip LED's are superior, but this can be debated.

Wattage - This is the key driver of brightness, the higher the wattage the brighter the globe and the more overall light you will get.