Door Stoppers

Door furniture can really define a home - in fact a change of your lever door handles and a coat of paint can really make an interior look upgraded. Hansdörf™ specialises in contemporary door furniture perfectly combining durability, functionality, and design excellence. Superior stainless steel, high grade components, clean finishes, and architectural quality. Perfect your home with Hansdörf™ door furniture

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Door Stops Australia, Door Stopper - Door Hardware

Door stoppers prevent doors from opening too far, damaging walls or the door itself.  Door stops also prevent personal injuries to your fingers or hand, or a kid’s fingers or hand.  Get a set of stainless steel door stops by Hansdorf - specialist in modern door furniture. Hansdorf ensures you get door hardware that will last a long period of use.

Heavy Duty Door Stop, Door Stops for Sale, Metal Door Stop

Select door stops with rubber bumpers only on Renovator Store - made of solid stainless steel for durability.  Floor mounted door stops from Hansdorf are highly functional - protecting walls and furniture in your home. Buy a set today and we can dispatch to you within one business day, to be delivered to you anywhere in Australia.  Renovator Store members get free shipping on most items, with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Floor Mounted Door Stop, Door Latch, Simple Door Stopper

High-grade 304 stainless steel door stoppers will not damage your wall or furniture like cheaper door stops with metal coating that will soon  wear off or scratch away. Hansdorf door stoppers are better at this job, plus they have a timeless appeal that will match your home interiors with their minimalist design and brushed stainless steel finish.  These door stops can also be installed on concrete, tiled or paved floors.

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