Door Lever Handles

delf-hansdorfDoor furniture can really define a home - in fact a change of your lever door handles and a coat of paint can really make an interior look upgraded. Hansdörf® specialises in contemporary door furniture perfectly combining durability, functionality, and design excellence. Delf on the other hand offers a variety of finish options and matching privacy accessories that each household entry demands. 

  • High grade components - Made from superior stainless steel and high grade brass for guaranteed durability
  • Clean finishes - Perfect range to choose from to complete your contemporary home design
  • Architectural quality - Constructed to match home design trends and to handle heavy usage in main passage doors
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Front Door Handles, Modern Internal Door Handles Online - Australia

Lever door handles are available in solid premium stainless steel.  Hansdorf front door handles have no coated finish that will scratch off, while Delf door handles may come in chrome, satin chrome, and polished brass.  Choose from these finishes for your next lever door handle purchase. We will deliver to you anywhere in Australia - with free shipping on most products if you’re a Renovator Store member.

Lever Door Handles, Designer Door Handles - Perth, Melbourne

Door furniture such as door lever handles on Renovator Store are made with high-grade components like superior stainless steel and high-quality brass.  They are guaranteed durable and will last many years. The stainless steel door hardware will not rust and never lose the coating like cheaper handles.  Your purchase will be delivered to you whether in Perth or Melbourne, plus you will earn you Reno dollar rewards.

Entrance Door Locks and Handles, Designer Doorware - Adelaide, Brisbane

Contemporary door handles for front doors and internal doors are made to match current trends in home design.  They can handle heavy usage especially in main passage doors and most have 5-year warranties to back up quality and durability claims.  Door lever handles from Hansdorf come in complete sets of handles, rose, and escutcheon, and with full fixing screws and installation templates and instructions.  If you’re located in Adelaide or live in Brisbane, Renovator Store will have them delivered to you free if you’re signed up as a member.

Internal Door Handles, Door Furniture, Door Handles - Sydney, Canberra

Designer lever handles are available on line in various designs as suits your door and home styling.  Round rose door handles exude a soft, traditional look while square rose handles match more modern tastes with bold lines and edges.  Lever door handles with round roses usually come in curved and ergonomic styles, while those with square roses commonly have straight edge levers.

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