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Door closers protect the edges of your door from unwanted scratches and chipping. Not only are door closers useful to ensure doors  remain closed when not in use or propped open, but many customers recognise the benefit of these devices when they have children - a controlled door close can avoid accidental door slams and dangerous wind slams. This Hansdörf™ professional grade door closer has adjustments for closing speed and latching speed, and boasts a modern slim-line profile and a weather-proof construction.

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Automatic Door Closer, Door Auto Close Mechanism - Door Hardware

A house door closer is preferred for a few doors and entrances that you wish would close automatically.  Hansdorf specialises in modern door furniture, including door closers, that combine form and function with durability and high quality.  Shop door closers and other door hardware on Renovator Store today - if you’re signed as a member we’ll give you free shipping on most items, a 30-day money back guarantee, plus you earn Reno dollars to use on your next purchase.

Door Closer, Door Slower, Soft Door Closers - Available Online

Automatically close your doors safely and slowly with a professional grade door closer from Hansdorf.  The door closer has an adjustable closing speed and adjustable latching speed, and you can simply DIY install it on your existing external doors and internal doors.  Get value for money with a high quality door closer that’s a best seller in Europe - buy one online today.

Door Closing Device - Interior Doors, Door Closers for Sale - Entry Doors

Door closers promote safety especially with children who will be protected from accidental door slams and dangerous wind slams.  Slim-line door closers will actually benefit everyone inside your home or building, including you and your family.  These door closers are best for doors up to 950mm in width and between 40kg to 65kg in weight, and designed for both left-handed and right-handed doors.  You can easily install it yourself with the instructions and included mounting template.

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