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Why Do You Need Wall Plates?

Anyone with a home theatre knows that cabling is a headache and results in a tangled mess.  However, there is a simple solution. With upward of 7 speakers in the average home theatre system, and connecting the DVD, media box, cable tv, PVR, games console etc, the result is typically a hidden disaster behind the TV.

[caption id="attachment_256" align="alignright" width="300"]cable_mess The Problem[/caption]

Having the latest and sleekest entertainment equipment in your home theatre is well and good, but if you don’t put some thought in how you should install them and manage your wires, you may be setting yourself up for some future headaches. This is why when planning your home theatre installation, you should consider using wall plates.

It may not be obvious initially but having your cables and wires hanging loose can present real danger as those tangled and exposed cables can cause people to trip and worse, cause the start of a fire.

It should also be noted that cables left dangling all over the place will make your home theatre room look messy. Wall plates can take care of the fire hazard and the ugliness by having your cables installed inside your walls.

[caption id="attachment_218" align="alignright" width="300"]Wall Plates The Solution[/caption]

Wall plates can tidy up all of your home theatre speaker cables and can include a variety of other connections including HDMI and RCA. No matter how many the connections a wall plate supports, they are all arranged neatly to make connections easier as well as make your home theatre installation look more organized.

There are also wall plates that are designed to be installed easily, giving you all the reasons to use one or two of them in your home theatre. Not only will you tuck away all those ugly wires and cables from view, but you can will also be adding a sense of style to your home theatre thanks to simple and elegant wall plate designs.

If you’re thinking you only have a couple of devices with cables and you don’t need a wall plate, think again. Wall plates that accommodate two or even a single cable can still be beneficial to you when it comes to keeping your home theatre area organized and safe. Just check out the different types of wall plates available and see what fits your home theatre setup best.