What Size Of Heated Towel Rail Do I Need For My Bathroom?

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Are you ready for winter? If you do not have a proper bathroom towel warmer then you’re not ready for the cold months ahead. If you’re about to get a heated towel rail but you’re not sure what size to purchase, read on so you can finally make that decision.

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Towel Heater Considerations

Here are some things you need to consider when buying a heated towel rail:

  • Material / durability / quality

  • Finish / looks

  • Style / type

  • Size / dimensions

  • Wiring

  • Installation

  • Thermostat / controller

  • Price / budget

  • Warranty / after-sales

  • Shipping and delivery

Tell us if we missed something in the above list or, if you want more details, read Tips For Choosing A Heated Towel Rail or How to Get the Best Heated Towel Rails. For this article though, we’ll focus on how to determine the best size heated towel rail for your bathroom.

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What’s a Suitable Size Heated Towel Rail?

Why does size matter anyway? Your electric towel rail’s dimensions are important if you want everyone in the house to enjoy using it and if you do not want to energy wasted. If your towel rail is too small, it might not be able to fit all the towels you need to dry at one time. On the other hand, if your towel warmer is too big then that will waste energy that you will be paying for anyway.

Here are some tips on finding just the right size for your requirements.

Bathroom Size

What size is your bathroom? As a rule of thumb, larger towel rails would fit better in bigger bathrooms and compact-sized ones would be great for smaller bathrooms.

Another thing to check is the size of the area where you want to install your heated towel rail. Even if you want to purchase a large towel warmer, will it fit in that space? If you’re after a wall-mounted heated towel rail, your towel rail dimensions cannot go beyond the area of the wall that’s available in your bathroom. If you're looking to buy a free-standing towel rail, check the space where you'll be positioning it.

heated towel rail size

Number of Bathroom Users / Number of Towels

How many people regularly use a bathroom? For a large family, it would be best to go for a larger heated towel rail so everybody can use it.

How many towels do you want to keep dry and warm at the same time? Maybe there are only a few people in your house but you still want to hang several towels, so you’d need either a bigger towel rail or at least one with more rungs.

black heated towel rail

Purpose of the Heated Towel Rail

Some people ask, “Can I use a towel warmer to heat the entire bathroom?” We do not warrant this outright because the primary purpose is to dry and warm towels, but yes, a heated towel rail can also help keep the bathroom a little warmer. This will depend on whether its heat output is sufficient for your bathroom size. (Try this calculator to find out.) 

Also, if you are one of those people who use your towel heater to dry swimwear or other clothes, then we would suggest a heated towel rail with more bars or wider rods.

If you’ve made up your mind on the size of heated towel rail you want for your bathroom, you can shop heated towel rails on Renovator Store (use the filters on the left for width, number of rails, etc.). 

If you need more help about heated towel rails, contact the friendly customer service team via service@renovatorstore.com.au, use the chat box on the lower right, or call 1800-RENOSTORE.