What Is A Magic Corner Unit and How Does It Work?

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Every kitchen needs a pantry or cupboard, storage cabinets, drawers, shelves, hooks, rods - the whole array of kitchen storage solutions. With all the utensils, pots, pans, food processing equipment, food and kitchen supplies, and all sorts of kitchenware, you always seem to run out of space in the kitchen. You want to maximise every little kitchen space available, you Google for kitchen organisers or kitchen storage, and you come across the magic corner. So you ask...

What Is A Magic Corner Unit?

A magic corner is a smartly engineered kitchen corner storage solution designed with a slide-out mechanism that allows easy access to stuff you store in that blind corner under the kitchen counter. A magic corner unit usually consists of four trays or baskets — two front trays and two rear trays — held by a frame that is equipped with a sliding mechanism affixed to the cabinet walls and door. 

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How The Magic Happens in the Magic Corner

The sliding mechanism is simple yet ingenious, and that’s where the “magic” happens. Now the magic corner is set up this way: the front trays are mounted to the cabinet door and supported by a sliding frame on the adjoining side wall; the rear trays are supported by a sliding frame on the back wall of the cabinet.

magic corner swing drawbar mechanism

Pulling the door open brings out the front trays that glide along the side wall of the cabinet. This same action pulls a swing drawbar that is attached to the rear trays’ sliding frame, so that the rear trays glide to the left/right in front of the door. So when the cabinet door is fully opened in one smooth motion, voila - you have all four trays in front of you.

magic corner mechanism corner cupboard kitchen

With a more recent model like the Show Hand Magic Corner II, the mechanism allows the rear baskets to be brought outside of the cabinet alongside the front baskets (below).

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Do You Need A Magic Corner Storage Unit?

A quick way to decide if you should install a magic corner in your kitchen is to answer these:

  1. "Do I want maximum use of the corner space in the cabinet under my kitchen bench?"

  2. "Do I want an easy way to access the things stored in my kitchen cabinet corner?"

  3. "Do I want a modern, innovative, and practical kitchen corner storage solution?"

If you answered “yes” to at least one of the above questions, then you’re ready to get a magic corner unit and the next question is...

corner pantry organisation

corner pantry organisation

Which Magic Corner Unit Is Best For You?

Every magic corner supplier will tell you theirs is the best, but here’s a simple way to find out which one will actually suit your requirements.

  1. CABINET SIZE: The internal dimensions of your cabinet corner should have at least 900mm internal width, at least 500mm internal depth, minimum internal height of 525mm, and 400mm minimum door width. (This applies to most Elite magic corner kitchen units. Carefully check the cabinet requirements for the specific model you're buying before you make the purchase.)

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  1. MATERIALS & COMPONENTS: If you want a magic corner that is made for durability, get one with high-quality materials, bearings, and runners. Since we’re talking about the kitchen, the best choice is still stainless steel (for the frame and the baskets/trays) for its strength and superior sanitation. 

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  1. MECHANISM: Do you want a magic corner that quietly glides with almost no effort? Get a unit that has a soft-stop feature so it does not slam when you close it.

  2. STYLE: Many magic corner products look similar, but from Elite’s range these are the basket style options (click on image for details):

corner storage


kitchen corner cupboard solutions


corner cupboard solutions


corner cupboard kitchen


You could also consider wire baskets like the Show Hand Magic Corner II.

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  1. PRICE: Magic corner storage units can range upwards from $400. When you look at the price, you must also check for quality. Looking at what’s in the market today you may find the Elite range of magic corners will give good value for your money.

The best thing about having a magic corner is this: You will be able to transform a previously under-utilised dark corner under your kitchen bench into prime storage space. Whichever model you purchase, you can be sure it will help you to create additional kitchen storage.

If you need more help about magic corner units, chat with the friendly customer service team at Renovator Store or send a quick email to service@renovatorstore.com.auFor your other kitchen storage needs, browse the Renovator Store catalogue of smart kitchen organisers and storage solutions