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What Are Banana Plugs And Why Do I Need Them?

Banana plugs, also known as banana connectors, is an electrical connector that you attach to speaker wires that can then be connected to speakers, amplifiers, and other types of electronic equipment.

Invented in 1924 by Richard Hirschmann, banana plugs have since given birth to other types of banana plugs which are usually just combinations of any number of banana plugs. There is also a miniature version of these connectors, giving you an idea of how widely used it is in different scenarios all over the world.

Banana PlugsUsing these plugs instead of screwing down receiver connectors gives you the benefit of easier cable management. Joining wires to electronic equipment without using connectors can be too much of a hassle, not to mention it can also pose a threat to your safety because of possibly exposed wires and unorganized wiring. Using banana plugs is simply the safer and more manageable way of connecting wires to equipment.

Another benefit of banana plugs is its conductivity. If you choose the right kind of banana plugs, such as gold plated ones, you can expect excellent sound quality audio from your equipment. Deterioration is also not an issue with high quality banana plugs.

If you’re a music lover who must always have the highest sound quality possible, you can’t go wrong with using these small yet unbelievably efficient connectors.

2 thoughts on “What Are Banana Plugs And Why Do I Need Them?”
  • Emory Safford
    Emory Safford March 4, 2015 at 7:07 pm

    So not using banana plugs and connecting a section of exposed speaker wire to my receiver or speaker can also "pose a threat to my safety because of possibly exposed wires and unorganized wiring"? Seriously you must be either be joking or trying to market banana plugs.

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