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Wall-Mounted Towel Rails for Bathrooms

Heated towel rails allow you to easily dry your towels while neatly storing them in your bathroom. These are available in two formats - wall-mounted and free-standing. To this day, the most popular option is the wall-mounted towel rails for bathrooms. We look into why it's a mainstream and one of the most sought-after fixtures these days.

Wall-mounted towel rails for bathrooms provide the utmost luxury at little cost and are able to make your early morning routine that much more tolerable. Imagine jumping out of the shower into a warm, dry, soft towel.

wall-mounted towel rails for bathrooms


Benefits of wall-mounted towel rails for bathrooms:

Warmer Towels and Bathrooms

The extra beauty of a heated towel rail as well as warming up your towel is that it will dry your towel for you too so you will never have to pick up a damp towel again. Heated towel rails will also keep your bathroom warmer, reducing your energy bills by avoiding the need to turn on your heating system and they can also be used to hang items of washing to dry.

Bathroom Hygiene

Aside from heated towel rails giving you warm, fluffy towels after a  nice shower, they also help keep your bathroom hygienic because these heated rails minimise the chance of damp breeding ground for germs and mould, not just in the towels themselves, but across the entire room.

Wall-mounted towel rails perform better

Because they are mounted directly to the wall (either hard-wired into your electricity, simply plugged in or plumbed directly into your water supply), wall-mounted towel rails simply perform better than any other type of units. If you need to get the best of the best when it comes to performance out of your new towel rail, there’s just no other option. Wall mounting is the only way to go.


wall mounted towel rails for bathrooms

Wall-mounted towel rails come in different shapes, types and sizes. Make sure to find the perfect one for your bathroom that suits your needs.

Types of wall-mounted towel rails for bathrooms:

Round Tube

Round tube heated towel rails have perfect round bars that look great in a modern bathroom. Its sturdy bars and mounting structure are suitable for a whole family's use. The wide variety of width options are available to accommodate different preferences and bathroom sizes, so anyone can start enjoying the comfort of spa-like warm towels in every bath!

Round Tube Heated Towel RailEZY FIT Heated Towel Rail - Round Tube (W750mm x H700mm) - Matte Black

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Square Tube

Square tube heated towel ladders exude both utmost functionality and sleek design. Its square tube rails perfectly hold the towels in place, preventing them from slipping off the rails. The cornered bars also complements either modern interior designs or traditional bathroom structures. These are also available in a variety of measurements to match bathrooms of any size.

Hotwire - Heated Towel Rail - Square Bar 304 SSEZY FIT Heated Towel Rail - Square Tube

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Flat Tube

Flat tube heated towel rails make drying towels in a breeze. Its flat bars make the closest contact with the towels, minimising the time needed for it to be dried and warmed. Its bold edges make a striking statement to bathrooms, in addition to its available swatches in matte black and polished stainless steel. Each flat tube heated towel ladder comes with an IPX5 rating, tested to withstand water sprays.

EZY FIT Heated Towel Rail - Flat Tube (W750mm x H700mm)Heated Towel Square Black - 001

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  • Superior Quality - Only 100% high grade polished stainless steel. There is no chrome to peel or bubble off.

  • Safe and Compliant - Low energy consumption, safe temperature, water spray tested, and full electrical compliance.

  • Easy to Install - Simply plug in or hard wire (conceal the wiring) to a wall switch or smart timer. have a wide range of heated towel rails, all of which are of highest quality and most competitive prices. Made from quality stainless steel in both square and round designs, the Aguzzo heated towel rail range are some of the best value on the market! Sizes vary and you can choose from a polished chrome or matte black finish - it all depends on your taste and needs!

So what are you waiting for? - Invest in a heated towel rail to add some style to your bathroom and dry your wet towels quickly and conveniently.

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