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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Bath Spouts and Taps

When you begin hunting for a bath you're bound to notice there are hundreds of brands and places to purchase from. If that wasn't already overwhelming enough, the manufacturers each offer various types of bath spouts and taps to accompany the tub. Whats the difference? Which are better? What should I choose? Let this article be your ultimate guide to choosing bath spouts and taps.

Wall Mounted Spouts 


Lets start nice and simple with the classic wall-mounted spouts. A wall mounted spout is simple and stylish. Although their appearance is a key factor in which influences their popularity, their functionality is also highly influential. A wall mounted faucet is:

  • easily cleaned
  • saves both floorspace and bathtub edge space
  • can be mounted at any height
  • is available for purchase with either 1 or 2 handles.


Furthermore a wall-mounted spout is available in numerous shapes. The round spout is the most simple and classic of the three shapes. Because of this it can easily adapt and look great in most bathrooms.

The design of the square spout is more striking and bold in comparison to the round spout. Its sleek geometric design allows it to be the perfect addition to any modern bathroom.

Lastly the waterfall spout is the most unique shape of the trio. It can easily be mounted above your bathtub to provide a simple minimalistic look. It provides a gentle flow of water - much a like a natural spring  or waterfall - to effectively calm the senses after a long day.



Hob Mounted Spouts

hob mounted spout

A hob mounted spout is quite similar to the wall mounted spout, yet bears a few differences. It is directly mounted upon the edge of the bathtub, and hence water is brought upon from within the tub to the tap. A hob mounted spout is:

  • Considered to be tidier in comparison to the wall mount as everything is compactly fit into a small spot of bathtub edge space
  • Saves floor space
  • Has the flexibility to be mounted anywhere around the edge of the bathtub (but is usually mounted along one of the sides, rather than one of the ends)
  • Available for purchase with either one or two handles
  • Can be purchased with waterfall or round spouts
  • Can potentially be somewhat harder to clean (see waterfall spout pictured above)



Floor Mounted Tapware


Floor mounted tapware is generally considered to be the most unique of the trio. This unit essentially epitomises the hybrid of artwork and function. With striking, minimalist design it is the perfect accompaniment for todays modern, freestanding bathtubs. The tap connects directly with the floor, and is mounted beside the bathtub. Water is hence brought up through the floor. A floor mounted tap is:

  • Available in either round or square shapes
  • Can be mounted at either the side of the tub, or the ends, depending upon what is most suitable to the bathroom.
  • easily cleaned
  • Can be purchased be conjoining mixers, rather than taps
  • Can be purchased with additional hand shower units


When purchasing tap ware always remember to check that your tap ware is certified by the watermark standard. Hopefully our ultimate guide to choosing bath spouts and tap ware can help you to ultimately make the best decision.


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