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Ultimate Bedroom Style Guide

Whether you are redecorating your bedroom, or building from scratch it is important to establish the theme of the room right from the get go. The right style has the power to completely transform the look and feel of the space, and what was once mundane and can soon become your favourite space in your house. Check out this ultimate bedroom style guide to learn about the different themes you could possible choose and find the one that appeals to you most.


The romantic style is characterised by soft, pastel colours and delicate fabrics. Try floral printed or embroidered curtains, bedspreads, cushions or headboards matched with cream coloured rugs and white lampshades. Bonus points if you opt for a chandelier or draperies.



This style aims to evoke a calm and peaceful setting. Warm colour palettes should be used, along with low-rise beds, Japanese shoji screens, tatami mats, bonsai trees or small potted plants. Try these contemporary lanterns (depicted below) for a modern, yet serene addition to your space.



Minimalism is at the heart of todays modern designs. Pair streamlined furniture with concrete finishes and muted colour palettes for a clean and striking finish. Opt for minimal furnishings and lots of natural light to complete the look.




This bohemian style of design is all about using an array of colour, pattern and texture to create a fun and unique space. It is important that you don't go overboard when pulling all the elements together in order to avoid a design disaster! For example although the bedspread and rug are both very loud pieces, the chartreuse and magenta colours are still common throughout both, creating a sense of cohesion.



The cottage or traditional style bedroom focuses upon natural light and openness, but is alternatively juxtaposed with warmth and cosiness. In order to achieve this aim to use a light and bright colour scheme consisting of whites, creams with pale blues, greens or yellows. White wooden furniture is simple, yet elegant and easily suits most styles of home. Finally remember to furnish with an array of complementary fabrics and carpets.




A contemporarily styled room focuses upon smooth sleek furniture, along with use of bright, solid hues. It's a fun and fresh way to inject colour and life into the home. This is especially popular with teens and young adults.




Muted colours and fabrics paired with nautical detailing are the essential elements of a coastal or beach themed room. The rustic white panelling of the wall, the fish artwork and stripes are especially funky!




Bold colours, wooden detailing and eclectic prints paired with warm, buttery walls are the classic elements needed to recreate that relaxed mediterranean lifestyle.

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