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Top Outdoor Living Designs That Dominate in 2014

In 2014, several new fashion trends and a variety of interior styles have emerged for the year, along with different outdoor living designs to follow to create an incredible yard.

According to Matthew Suter, Managing Director of Fencemakers, “The outdoor space is now the extension of the home. Homeowners are now looking to enhance the comfort and style of their outdoor setting for a place that is easy to lounge in throughout the year.”

Here we take a look at some of the top outdoor living trends taking shape this year.

Bold Patterns and Bright Shades

Although neutral shades were once popular for patios and in backyards, more people are looking to dress up the space with a pop of colour that adds extra dimension. Patio chairs can now be furnished with pillows that come in decorative prints and bright colours. The most decorative rugs can also use geometric or art deco prints. Although bright shades and bold patterns are essential to staying current for the year, they should still be accompanied by neutral colours for a balanced look that is still earthy.

Inventive Lighting

contemporary-outdoor-lighting-design-05To make for a space that is used in the evenings, more people are using inventive outdoor lighting in their yard for a trend that creates a serene environment. In a study conducted by American Society of Landscape Architects, 98 percent of respondents listed recessed lighting as an important factor to the yard. Ambiance lighting can be used under seating, near garden structures, or between lush plants for a cosy look that is inviting. This will allow the yard to stay illuminated and easy to enjoy without taking away the peaceful view of the stars overhead. It also works to highlight certain features of the yard so the decor can be enjoyed in the dark.

Natural Materials

Between stone benches to wood decor, more people are choosing to use natural materials for a high-end style that may cost more, but is more durable than plastic or synthetic materials. It makes for a great investment, as the materials will stand the test of time and prove to uphold their appearance for several decades.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Although fire pits have increased in popularity in the last decade, more homes are adding outdoor fireplaces for a luxurious feature that can work as a focal point in the yard. Fireplaces heat an outdoor seating area and can also work as a modern campfire for a family gathering. It makes it easier to enhance the design of the yard, as well as stay comfortable with more time spent outdoors while star gazing.

Decorative Water Elements

Between lavish fountains to small ponds, decorative water elements add a touch of tranquillity to the outdoors, according to ASLA’s 2014 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey. This also includes installing pools, spas, or outdoor saunas, which can even work to increase the home's value. Water elements allow the yard to feel more natural for an incredible space to relax in.

Aluminium Slat Fencing

Aluminium slat fencing by Fencemakers Aluminium slat fencing by Fencemakers source:

To achieve a modern and trendy style, aluminium slat fencing is increasing in popularity for sleek design and the privacy that it offers to homeowners. The look is considered a contemporary choice that is both durable and long-lasting. It's a convenient option that does not require upkeep, as the aluminium comes with a finish that never needs to be painted or stained in future years. The product is also available in dozens of different shades, making it easy to customize so it matches the style and design of the property.

Smartwood Slat Fencing is the traditional look for a more organic and natural style that enhances the aesthetics of the yard or of a garden. It offers the same amount of privacy, whether used to screen off a balcony or for a trendy style of gate.

Native Plants

According to a study conducted by The American Society of Landscape Architects, more people are looking to reduce the amount of maintenance needed with their yard. Instead of spending hours maintaining a lush garden, native plants are one of the main outdoor designs of 2014 with the lack of fertilizer or water needed to keep them alive. Native plants are also more inclined to grow on their own without needing to be pruned or trimmed each month.

Outdoor Kitchens

As more people head outdoors to enjoy extra space on their property, more kitchens have been built for a recreational space that can enhance entertaining. Instead of cooking on a simple grill, opt for an outdoor kitchen, which makes it easy to have ample counter space while preparing meals or entertaining. The kitchens are also known to include a mini fridge, sink, and oven.

About the author

Matthew Suter is Managing Director of Fencemakers, a leading provider of aluminium slat fencing and smartwood fencing in Perth, Western Australia. Find Matthew on Google+.

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