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The Ultimate Cleaning Checkup When Moving into a New Home

After purchasing a new home one of the first things to do is perform the ultimate cleaning checkup. This will ensure that you and your family are moving into a safe environment than wont pose any threats to your health and safety. This article should be used as a guide to the key aspects of the home that must be cleaned before moving in!

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Purify Your Ceilings 

Homes that have been empty for a while often start reeking due to moisture and dampness. So, the first thing to do is to open all the windows for a couple of days to allow for aeration. It is also a smart idea to check intersections between ceilings and walls to remove cobwebs and other debris.


It is likely that the ceiling air vents will also need some special attention too in order to prevent growth of germs and insects. Watch this video to learn how to clean air vents with your vacuum cleaner and cleaning wipes!


Embark on a Floor-Cleaning Mission

After you've purified your ceilings it'll be time to move onto the floor. If the former tenants or owners have left their rugs and carpets the most hygienic option is to invest in brand new carpeting throughout the home. Alternatively if you're happy with the condition of the rugs and wish to minimise spending you still need to take them to be properly cleaned.


You should also clean any wooden flooring with a homemade polishing agent. A mild DIY solution is preferable to store-bought alternatives as they wont damage the quality of your wood and are much cheaper!


 Begin the Bathroom-Grooming Operation

The bathroom must be cleaned more meticulously than any other room in the house since it is the most delicate space in your home in terms of hygiene. First and foremost you must scrub the limescale off everything!


Secondly Sydney-based cleaners 'Urban You' suggest it's a smart idea to polish the room with anti-germ products to ensure effective protection from pests and pathogens. Finally consider equipping your freshly cleaned bathroom with some eco-friendly products that'll help you maintain the room in this fresh state.


Revive the Kitchen

Apart from the bathroom, the kitchen is the second most vulnerable area in your new home. Since you do not know how hygienic the previous owners were the smartest thing to do is give the entire kitchen a detailed clean. Start with the cabinets and cupboards. Use a mild agent, to prevent infliction of damage. Next move onto the countertops and walls.


Finally embark on a long-lasting scrubbing and cleaning session where you tackle the dirtiest parts of the home, e.g. the stove, dishwasher and fridge. In order to make this task a little easier consider inviting your friends to come by and lend you a helping hand. Apart from saving you time, it'll also give you an opportunity to hang out with friends!

Although if you feel you've already got too much on your plate when it comes to the whole home buying/moving procedure you can always call cleaning professionals to bring your new home into perfect condition.

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