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The Benefits of buying online

Its hard to believe only 20 years ago home renovators did not have access to the internet. Back then renovators would typically source their products from their local bathroom, hardware or lighting store.

Today, the internet has transformed every aspect of home renovation.

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The renovator in the 21st century doesn't even have to leave their home to buy products these days. There is an enormous amount of information and products at a renovators fingertips. The two most obvious benefits of buying online are - convenience and cost savings.

Savings $$$

Traditional retail has had us believe that the more expensive items are better than the comparable cheaper items – and this is generally true.

However, In the traditional retail model you pay for a products marketing, its shelf time, the importers’ margin, the wholesalers’ margin, the rent and outgoings for the shop, the shop fit-out, the convenience of parking, the salesperson's salary and commission, and so on and so on.  In fact, on average you paid about 60% for the "product" and about 40% for all the other "stuff" that supported its sale.

Now in the online world - there is no rent, no shop assistant, and no parking.  Whilst there are other "stuff" such as warehousing, the website and shipping, they are typically add up to far less than the 40% that is observed in the traditional model.  Also, as the cost of a 'browsing customer' visiting the online store is effectively zero, the 'browsing customers' are not leaching value off the 'purchasing customers'.


Information about renovating is so easy to access now. You no longer need to buy expensive home magazines to get ideas for your renovation. You can search the internet for these photos and ideas. Check out our the Renovator Store blog which has ideas for every part of your home.

It appears that online shopping is growing for more reasons than convenience and price - it is getting us much closer to what we have always related to: "you get what you pay for".

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