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Take Inspiration From Nature In Designing Your Bathroom

If you want to have a more relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom, which is what most of us want from that room, the perfect muse for decorating it is nature. With minimalist designs, clean looks, and a lot of white, you can bring the peaceful and quiet atmosphere of nature into your bathroom. Here are some tips on taking your cue from mother nature.

1. Use wood.

Obviously, wood is a material that is straight out of nature itself. This is why if you want a feeling of a natural bathroom, wood should be integrated into your design. It could simply be a wooden cabinet or the entire floor, just make sure that it would not easily be ruined by splashes of water or wet hands.

2. Create a miniature waterfall.

There are faucets that mimic the look of a waterfall and they would be a great addition to your nature-inspired bathroom. Use it with a deep basin for a spring-like effect and you will be rocking a modern yet still natural look.

3. Integrate stones into your decorations.

Integrating stones and rocks into your bathroom design is also a great way to give it a natural atmosphere. You can have stones decorate your walls or your floor, or you can simply use smaller stones to hold your soap. Get creative with these small gems from nature which you can actually get for free if you have a source for great looking smooth stones located nearby.

4. Use plants.

Adding plants to your bathroom gives it the ultimate nature’s touch. The splash of green will immediately give your bathroom that natural look, not to mention a healthy effect on the air you breathe. Plants can help purify the air in your home, so that’s a great bonus.

5. Get plenty of natural light.

The more natural light you let into your bathroom, the bigger and more natural it would feel. You can achieve more natural light by having large windows. Doing this can also help you save electricity because instead of turning on your bathroom’s lights, you can just let natural light seep into it during the day.

6. Use small accessories.

Keeping away clutter from your bathroom adds to its natural look, so make sure you only place essential items in it and don’t overdo the decorations. Use accessories that are small, discreet, and have a minimalist design. This would give your bathroom a cleaner and more pleasant look.

7. White or Green or Both

In terms of colour, green is an obvious choice for giving accent to your bathroom. But of course, white is always the best choice for any type of bathroom. A lot of white can also make the room feel bigger and cleaner. You can also use chrome or stainless steel fixtures to add a modern look to your bathroom without overpowering its natural components.

Whatever you want to do with your bathroom, it is always a good idea to look to nature for some inspiration as it is the ideal part of the house where you would want the relaxation and atmosphere that only nature can provide.