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Super Tips to Help You Get Your Outdoor Space Winter Ready

For those homeowners that invest a lot of their hard earned money into creating the perfect outdoor space for their home, winter is probably their least favourite time of the year.

The cold winters are known to present challenges in maintaining an outdoor space, it can be quite a worry for most home owners in Melbourne.


outdoor space in the winter Cosy Outdoor Space


Your love for the outdoors doesn’t have to change in the winter. Most outdoor spaces are deserted during the winter, despite the heavy investment done by homeowners to make it unique and beautiful. It might be a surprise for you if we say that your outdoor space can still be used during winter without the fear of freezing even after the sunsets lead into a darker evening.

A lot of homes in Melbourne use porches, verandas, pergolas, patios and decks to beautify their outdoors. Being able to use your favourite outdoor space all year long definitely contributes towards being an additional benefit for your investment.

The trick to creating the perfect winter ready outdoor space is to create an indoor/outdoor space that helps insulate the cold, generate heat, and has a nice snugly place to enjoy the fresh air. This means you can still enjoy the outdoors without feeling the freezing cold.

Here are a few super tips to help get your outdoor space winter ready:

  • Let there be light!....For your outdoor space too:

The winter grey days mean you need to amp up your outdoor lighting. The lighting of the outdoor space of a home like the gable verandah, pergolas, patios and decks are often overlooked during the winter preparations.

outdoor garden spotlight Outdoor Garden Spotlight

With winter being a season to offer the least amount of daylight, the usage of your outdoor space can get quite complicated.

By setting up some good lighting you can benefit from using the area while still having natural security and the safety feature.

It is not necessary for your lighting fixtures of your outdoor space to be very fancy and sophisticated. Sometimes the simplest lighting fixtures are the best and are a better option, especially if you have plans of selling your home in the future.

  • Make your outdoor space cosy with a heater

You don't have to suffer from the freezing cold just because you want to spend time outdoors.

Make your outdoor space warm and cosy by adding space heaters or a chiminea. Osculating heaters are a good option if you prefer warmth to be spread evenly around the area. Choose a heater that suits your space.

outdoor space for home Outdoor Space for home

Adding a few lights can also help create additional warmth for your outdoor space. Try adding string lights or a few tiki lamps or lanterns to make your outdoor space look beautiful and warm.

A verandah and café blinds are a good combination to ensure your outdoor space is warmed up without much heat loss.

  • Save your green friends

Don’t let your plants die over the winter. Whether it's an herb garden or flower bulbs, try to save your greenery to help enhance the look of your home throughout the year.

Bring plants that can easily be transplanted and your potted plants indoors before winter’s first freeze to make sure they have a little TLC before springtime comes again.

winter garden

It is essential to monitor your plants to make sure they get the right amount of water and sunlight as required. For plants that are too big to bring indoors or cannot be transplanted, wrapping them with insulating material like burlap can help keep the soil warm and prevent damage to the planter itself.

  • Maintain outdoor kitchen, furniture and water features with coverings

Excess moisture and freezing temperatures of winter can bring a whole load of problems for your outdoor items.

Items like fountains or grills can be easily maintained with heavy duty vinyl covers during winter, while outdoor furniture can be kept safe with covers made from water resistant material to prevent any kind of damage to the fabric.

outdoor kitchen

It is essential to get your items covered before the first snowfall to keep it safe.

  • Get snuggled up and cosy

It’s the season that calls for blankets and snuggles. Place a few blankets and cushions over you verandah, pergola or patio chairs and enjoy your cosy outdoor living space.

  • Hibernation isn’t for green thumbs

You don’t always have to settle for dead flower pots in your verandah or pergola during the winter season. You can add some lively greenery by adding a few pines or evergreens to pots in your outdoor space. Hard Ivy is a good option for those who like the cascade look.

backyard garden

In the warmer areas, violas and pansies can be used around trees to add some colour. All your efforts do not have to be wasted and at the end of winter, these plants can be transplanted into your home's landscape.

  • Gutter cleaning is a must

It is important for every homeowner to make sure their gutters are cleaned before winter to prevent clogging of snow, rain and melting ice.

If the gutters remain clogged, it is possible that the rain and snow will not drain away from the house which will eventually cause problems for the foundation.

gutter on winter

  • Outdoor faucets must be turned off

Make sure you remove any attached hose from the outdoor faucets and have them stored out of the elements. To avoid the bursting of pipes in the extreme cold drain out the water from the outdoor pipes and sprinklers. Weather resistant covers are a good option to prevent faucets from getting too cold.

Now fully benefit from your pergolas, verandahs, and patios even in winter by getting your outdoor space winter ready. The tips mentioned above can help you achieve the ideal winter ready outdoor space for you and your loved ones to enjoy a little of the outdoors with the comfort of the indoors even on the coldest winter evenings.

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