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How to Store More in Your Bedroom Closets

Whether you’re planning on selling your home and you want to make it look as spacious as possible or you simply want to maximise your home’s storage capacity, knowing how to store more in your bedroom closets without overfilling them is the key. Here are a few affordable and easy ways you can store more in your bedroom closets.

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1. Evaluation Time 

Take time to sift through all your garments and decide what belongs and what does not. If it shows visible signs of wear and tear - bin it. If it simply doesn't fit or you just don't like them anymore alternatively take them to an op-shop. At the end of this cull you should have greatly increased the amount of available space you have.


2. Sort by Length

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Do you own many long flowing gowns, or are most of your garments shorter in length? Install two rods into your closet: one above and one below. On the higher rod hang the shorter garments, and then below hang the longer pieces. This should reduce the mess and tangle between items.


3. Utilise that top shelf

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You know that shelf i'm talking about. The one thats impossibly high up and difficult to get to. In most wardrobes its either A: completely unused or B: the space where you chuck all your random junk. This shelf happens to be the perfect place to store accessories and items you don't use often such as excess shoes or hats. If you're feeling super organised you might even want to invest in some pull out shoe racks...


4. Managing Troublesome Ties and Bothersome Belts 

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A tie rack is the perfect solution to organising a multitude of tangled ties and belts. This specific rack can organise up to 20 garments, and is attached to ball bearing runners so it can easily be slid in and out of the closet.