Spare Room Ideas: From Fun Zone To Workout Paradise

extra space transformed into home office work area

Sometimes, having a bit too much house can be a problem. That spare room you have can easily turn into a mess of boxes and unorganized storage. Luckily, there is a simple solution to that - turn that spare room in something that you can actually use. 

If you don’t need another bedroom, or a guest room seems like a waste of space to you, simply think about your and your family’s needs and turn that room to anything you like. So, here are some wonderful ideas for that spare room of yours. 

Turn It Into a Home Office

A home office can be useful and valuable to everyone in the house. Especially now that most of our work has to be done from home. When working, everyone needs a quiet place that has a limited amount of distractions and a work-like feel to it. That is why you should create your own home office and have a productive and quiet place while working. 

Don’t be shy to add whatever you need from furniture and equipment because you need to spend at least 8 hours a day in there. However, don’t forget to personalize it with some fabric, gadgets, and family photos in order to bring some comfort and warmth into the place. 

home office with white desk, black chair, white rug, cabinet, shelves

An extra room can be renovated into a home office. (Image by Spencer Selover and used with permission from Pexels)

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A Place to Workout

Many people don’t like going to the gyms and if you’re one of them and still want to workout you can do that at home. This means that you have a perfect opportunity to turn your spare room into a home gym designed to fit your needs. 

Examine the space you have and see how much equipment you can fit in there. The bare minimum is to get the most basic gear, such as a pilates ball, jump rope, resistance bands, and some dumbbells. However, if you have more space, you can add a bar and weights and work on your weightlifting. 

Also, you can add a bike, a stepper, and even a treadmill if you need it. However, if you feel like you don’t have enough space for the machines, you can easily turn your garage into a home gym and have two separate rooms for this - one where you can do your cardio and one which is more fit for yoga and other calming exercises. 

blue dumbbells, pilates, rubber shoes, and weighing scale

You could repurpose that spare room into a home gym. (Image by Pixabay, and used with permission from Pexels)

Fun Zone

If you have kids, you may be tired of all the toys all over the house. The best solution here is to turn the spare room into a fun zone. Here you can store all the toys, board games, consoles for video games and everything else you and your kids like playing with. 

Also, you can add a small table and chairs and store some crayons, pencils, and markers on the shelves and have a corner in the fun room dedicated just for drawing. What is more, you can place some books on the shelves and add a beanbag for some comfy reading time. 

By having this room, you will manage to declutter the rest of your home, and your kids will always have a place for playing and simply enjoying their fun times spend in there. 

kids playing with wooden toys

A fun room for kids and/or for adults can help declutter other rooms in the house. (Image by cottonbro, and used with permission from Pexels)

Home Theatre

All families have times when they love watching movies and cartoons together. However, sometimes the TV in the living room is simply not enough. You can easily turn the spare room into a home theatre and you will always have the place for watching movies and having fun. 

All you need is a projector, a white wall or white screen and some comfy furniture. It can be a couch, a big bed or even beanbags and cushions and everyone will enjoy family movie nights. You can even add a mini-fridge for sodas and beers, and don’t forget to bring snacks.

woman in home cinema, holding remote and eating popcorn

You might want to renovate your spare room into a separate home entertainment room. (Image by JEShoots, and used with permission from Pexels)

Art Studio

For those of you who love being artistic, you already know that you need a separate place in order to create. Painting or crafting in the living room just makes a mess and you don’t have enough storage space there. That is why a spare room would make a great art studio. 

In there, you can simply store all of your material on shelves or divide everything into bins and baskets. Also, you have enough space for spreading your easel, canvases and even set up a crafting station. Simply plan out everything that you would like to create in there and plan the storage accordingly

art easel and paint brushes in art studio

An art studio or crafts corner can be a great way to utilize extra space in your home. (Image by  Tatiana and used with permission from Pexels)

As you can see, that spare room doesn’t have to be overcrowded with things you don’t need. You can easily sort those things out and see what you actually need. Once cleaned, you should use that spare space in your home and turn it into a room that everyone can enjoy. 

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(Featured image at the top of the article is a photo by cottonbro, used with permission from Pexels)

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