Small Living Room Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space

small living room ideas

Whether you live in a condo, an apartment or a small home, one of the things you dislike most is trying to fit everything you need for creature comfort into a tiny living room. If you have been tripping over end tables or are simply tired of looking at so much stuff cluttered into such a small space, it’s time to get some ideas on getting better organised. You can make the most of a small space with the following tips and the outcome will be simply amazing.

grey scale image of living room with couch table and chair and colored pillow

Begin by Totally Emptying Out the Room

Before going any further, the first thing you need to do is totally empty out the room. In this way, you can get a realistic idea on how much space you really have to work with so that you can begin creating a livable space that won’t overload the senses.

Also, at this point you will probably want to hire a professional carpet cleaning service. You will almost always notice that once everything is removed from the room, there will be darker spots on the carpet from repeated ‘traffic’ whilst areas where furniture sat will be as clean as the day that carpet was installed.

Just remember that any painting that needs doing should be completed before you clean the carpets!

grey scale living room with couch chair table art windows

Creative Use of Mirrors

This is a trick often employed by interior decorators seeking to make small spaces appear much larger. While you may wish to hang a large mirror on a wall in the centre of the room, you should also be mindful that the placement has much to do with the optical illusion mirrors create.

The most effective placement would be across from a window or sliding glass door. By reflecting what lies just outside the window, you will be creating the ultimate illusion of yet another window!

Don’t forget that natural light also helps keep the power bill to a minimum whilst adding that illusion of a much larger space.

woman sitting on living room couch

Keep the Focus as High as Possible

One of the things you will notice about small spaces is that it is easy to see just how small a room is when looking around the floor. A cramped area is readily apparent and so if you have no alternative than bringing back that oversized furniture, draw the eyes upward to wall hangings and decorations placed above eye level. This will help to keep the eyes from seeing what a small room you are really in.

living room with grey chair white table plant and pendant light

Light to Neutral Colours Are a Must

Remember that paint job mentioned above? When seeking to give the illusion of being larger, it is important to steer clear of dark colours. Always use light to neutral colours that tend to brighten things up. Nothing is quite as dark and dreary as a small room painted or papered in dark colours. You have heard it said that overweight people look slimmer in black. The same principle holds true for interior design. The lighter the colours, the larger a space appears to be.

living room chairs table shelf plant lights

Choose Smaller Furniture If Your Budget Allows for It

Perhaps the furniture you are using in your living room came with you when you relocated to this home. It may have been suitable for a larger living room but not at all well-suited for a much smaller space. If at all possible, consider buying smaller furniture designed specifically for small spaces.

The smaller the furniture, the larger your room will appear to be. Maybe a recliner or two would work just as well if you don’t have a large family or entertain large groups often. Be creative in your choice of furniture so that you don’t crowd the room once again.

Less is More in Small Spaces

In the end, you will learn that less is really more in terms of working with small spaces. Some people have done away with sofas altogether while others opt to use a loveseat sofa in lieu of a long and bulky couch.

Just remember that the key to making any space appear larger is to keep everything to a minimum. This includes decorations of any kind. You started with mirrors, colour and size of furniture, now it’s time to rid the room of everything that keeps it cluttered. The best way to make the most of smaller spaces would be to ensure that you don’t overstuff the room with nonessential items and furnishings.


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