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Simple improvements for great rented spaces

Renovating is already a huge undertaking as we know it. Let alone needing to fit renovation projects in our busy schedules. Improving your rented property need not be huge, costly and time consuming. They key is to have simple improvements for great rented spaces.

With the holiday season over, and normal work routines start to catch up, renovation projects are again starting to put pressure, specially for those renovating properties with limitations.

Renovating a rented property involves more than design and budget. Rental properties have a different set of tenant rights that limits renovations unlike renovating your owned property.

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Here are Quick and easy, simple improvements for great rented spaces.

Pendant lights.

hilton hilton_lights

Pendant lights instantly provides a quiet sophistication effect to any room in your home. They quickly highlight and renew hallways, kitchen island benches, and dining areas. With installation as simple as changing a light bulb, you'll have a completely new room in just minutes.



Any room instantly brightens up when counters are cleared and there's a place for everything and everything is in place. Small and gloomy kitchens can quickly feel bigger and brighter with smart organised storage by simply installing built in pull out pantries and trash bins so you have more elbow room to move around to cook for your families meals.



Instead of bursting your budget on new cabinets and shelves, not to mention the hassle and time involved, upgrade your kitchens image by installing cabinet handles and instantly brighten your cupboard without bursting your bank and budget.



A lick of paint instantly turns any room from drag to fab, whether it's too brighten and enlarge or make the room cosy and warm, changing any rooms colour instantly changes it's mood without any hassle. What's even better is your landlord could easily change it back to his preferred colour at the end or your lease without any fuss.

So before you even start to dread how much time and money you'd spend for renovating your rented space, remember this. Rented properties are temporary and has more limitations. Tenants rights and permits with your landlord for modifications to personalise your living space may be more of a hassle to justify and acquire.

Costs for builders are also a factor to consider. Try to Stick to simple and small renovations that gives great impacts and try to achieve your theme and preference with minimal effort, cost and time.

Your rented space will never be served just the way you like it but, with a few practical and simple renovations, you'll still surely get your preferred home away from home. Don't under estimate the impacts of a few small cosmetic DIY changes.

Happy Renovating.

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